myDatalogEASY IoT

Control centre for intelligent outdoor applications

  • Suitable for outdoor mounting (IP66/IP68)
  • Large housing with space for extensions and additional components
  • Different supply options
  • Self-sufficient operation thanks to integrated charge control for photovoltaic applications
  • Standard application: 4-channel data logger
  • Can be customised to individual requirements via studio


Flexible energy supply

The devices of the myDatalogEASY IoT series have a modular concept for power supply. Adapt the supply to the conditions on site and choose flexibly between battery, rechargeable battery and direct supply. The serial number-managed supply units (PSU) facilitate traceability.

IoT autarchic - myDatalogEASY IoT

Integrated sensor supply

Three switchable sensor supplies (from 0.1 second) are available for supplying sensors. A switchable sensor supply which can be adjusted in the range of 5-24V by means of software and two 3.3V.

myDatalogEASY IoT MPP Tracker mit Solarpaneel

MPP: Optimized charging power

With the help of an MPP (Maximum Power Point) tracker, the device can independently determine the ideal operating point of the PV module, regardless of the size of the solar panel used. Taking into account the environmental influences (clouds, shading, temperature, ...), the optimum charging power is always achieved.

PSU of the myDatalogEASY IoT

Modbus RS485 & temperature measurement

For the implementation of devices and machines, the myDatalogEASY IoT offers communication via RS485 interface. Another optional feature is the external temperature sensor PT100/1000.

Flexible supply options with the PSUs

By using the intelligent power supply units PSUs (Power Supply Unit), the following supply variants are possible:

  • Direct operation on a PV panel for autonomous operation
  • Use of primary batteries with a service life of several years
  • Supply on 12V or 24V on-board networks
  • Operation on supply networks that only carry electricity temporarily such as street lamps
  • Supply to mains voltage with power failure message

The PSUs have a unique serial number, an identifier of the PSU type and a charge quantity counter that is retained even when the PSU unit is exchanged for another unit.


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Autarkic outdoor operation

For applications without existing infrastructure in the open field, the myDatalogEASY IoT with the outdoor mounting box is the perfect choice.

The 30W solar panel is supplied with a pole mounting bracket for poles from 60 to 300mm. The panel provides the power for autonomous operation of two 4-20 mA / 15V probes, which operate with a measurement interval of 1 minute and require 20 seconds warm-up time.

With the outdoor mounting box (340x200x150mm), the myDatalogEASY IoT is mounted on the poles. A vandal-proof multi-band antenna is already integrated in the box. The outdoor mounting box is also UV-resistant.


Microtronics Modbus Master Library

The Modbus master library currently supports the master mode for serial interfaces (RS232 and RS485) and is characterised by its universal applicability. In addition, great importance was attached to easy integration into own projects during the development. However, the complete source code is also available in the Studio. The data transmission can optionally be in the more efficient Modbus-RTU or alternatively in Modbus-ASCII format. You can find out more here.

Product configurator

Runtime Calculator

Starting Position 2 sensors with 4-20mA, loop power 15V, 12mA sensor current, transmission interval 24h

Battery / rechargeable battery life in days

The battery life indicates the runtime without sunlight
0 15

Recommended tariff

With the runtime calculator you can estimate the autonomous runtime of the application as well as the costs incurred. The actual costs and energy consumption depend on the measurement conditions, such as the reception quality and ambient temperature. Detailed information on the tariffs can be found here.

With the help of the runtime calculator, you can estimate the autonomous runtime of the application as well as the costs incurred. The actual costs and energy consumption depend on the measurement conditions, such as the reception quality and ambient temperature. Detailed information on the tariffs can be found here.

Technical data

myDatalogEASY IoT
Item no. 301451 2G/3G/4G World
301003 2G/M1/NB1 World
Inputs 4x analogue or digital
4x BLE sensors (feature activation)
Input configuration
  • 0...20mA / 4...20mA
  • 0...2V / 0...10V
  • PWM
  • Frequency
  • Digital / Counter
Measuring range / resolution
  • 0...20mA / 4...20mA: 6.3μA, load 96R
  • 0...2V: 610μV
  • 0...10V: 7.97mV
  • PWM: 100Hz
  • Frequency: 1kHz
  • Digital: 100ms
  • Counter: 1ms
Sensor supply
  • 2x switchable 3.3V supply (max. 180mA)
  • 1 x switchable and from 1second adjustable sensor supply range 5...24V
Temperature sensor Input 1x PT100/1000
Internal sensors and measured values
  • Input voltage
  • SOC (state of charge)
  • Battery life in days
  • Mobile strength
  • BLE field strength
  • Humidity and temperature in the device
Serial interfaces, bus interfaces
  • 1x RS232 (feature activation)
  • 1 x RS485 galvanically isolated (option)
  • 1x RS485 (feature activation)
  • 1x SDI 12 (option)
Outputs 1x potential-free switching contact
Power supply
  • Battery or rechargeable battery
  • Battery or rechargeable battery PV or direct supply from 9...32VDC
  • PSU supply concept
Battery life time Battery life up to 5 years
Rechargeable battery life up to 2 years
Protection class IP66 / IP68 (IP68: 105days@1m)
  • 1,5" Full Color Display (option)
Dimensions 130 x 250 x 78mm (without antenna)
Data transmission
  • 2G/3G/4G World
  • 2G/M1/NB1 World
Name Hardware Version Document Category Revision
Fact Sheet myDatalogEASY IoT 2G/M1/NB1 World from Hw 1.0 Fact Sheet 03
Fact Sheet myDatalogEASY IoT 2G/3G/4G World from Hw 1.0 Fact Sheet 04
Manual myDatalogEASY IoT from Hw 1.0 Manual 03
EU Declaration of Conformity myDatalogEASY IoT/IoTmini 2G/M1/NB1 World from Hw 1.0
from Hw 1.1
EU Declaration of Conformity 19.06.2023
EU Declaration of Conformity myDatalogEASY IoT 2G/3G/4G World from Hw 1.0 EU Declaration of Conformity 19.06.2023
3D View myDatalogEASY IoT 2G/3G/4G World from Hw 1.1 3D View Hw 1.1

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