Electrical bonding and cable support

Three cable clamps + electrical bonding


If it is necessary to earth the shield of a sensor cable or to include it in the earthing concept of the system, the electrical bonding and cable support for the myDatalogEASY IoT can be used. This extension set installed in the terminal compartment includes 3 cable clamps and complements the myDatalogEASY IoT to provide an external earth connection for connecting to the earth potential of the installation.

Scope of delivery:

  • Mounting for shield clamps built into the unit
  • 3 cable clamps
  • Electrical bonding rail for wall or pipe mounting

What are the three cable clamps and electrical bonding needed for?

When used in a rough environment or with long sensor cables (5m and more), interferences can cause an inaccurate and unstable reading.

This can be remedied by using shielded cables. However, the cable shields must also end somewhere and this is where the electrical bonding option for the myDatalogEasy IoT comes into play. Note that in order to avoid earth loops, the shield should be connected on one side – preferably always to the power supply unit, the myDatalogEasy IoT. In addition, the protection against overvoltage caused by lightning is considerably improved.


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Electrical bonding and cable support
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