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Simple & safe programming

IoT Development in the Studio

  • Start your own IoT app within minutes
  • Any number of IoT apps – a single, homogeneous platform
  • Industrial-grade, durable and secure development environment
  • First-hand IoT knowledge: libraries, sample code, tutorials, etc.

Development, Testing & Deployment of IoT Apps

IoT apps can be developed, tested and deployed in the studio. Deployment has never been easier: over-the-air updates as well as device and application management make the operation of IoT apps convenient. The full-stack offering includes data modelling, device and backend logic as well as the portal and user interface.

Key Features

Microtronics Library

Get a jump start on developing your custom application thanks to continuously updated and new libraries.

Browse through the various libraries, go directly to the detailed technical documentation and use the libraries directly in the Studio development environment.

Libraries im Studio
Device Config

It's that simple

The development environment is designed so that you can start creating your own applications very easily and quickly. See how easy it is to connect a temperature and humidity sensor module in the following tutorial. For this purpose, use the libraries provided.

Get started right in the Studio

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