IoT Electronics

IoT electronics are perfect for integration into your own products & devices. These are not purely electronic component, they bring an ecosystem consisting of platform, services and development environment.
Integrate the ONE chip or the M modules directly into your product. The IoT sensor T32x is perfect for getting to know the studio and the environment.

  • ONE Chip, ONE Service
  • Create IoT apps in minutes
  • Industrial Grade Ecosystem
  • Ultra Low Power applications
  • Module concept for long compatibility
  • Starter kits for creation and testing
  • High scalability
  • Running time of 10+ years
  • Ideal for prototype development
  • Temperature and 3-axis accelerometer
  • GNSS positioning
  • Energy consumption monitoring
ONE by Microtronics für Entwickler
IoT Module
IoT Sensor and rapidM2M Studio

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