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What Microtronics offers

IoT Komponenten - Hardware, Konnektivität, IoT Plattform

Microtronics supports you in collecting and transmitting data and making it available on the IoT platform via standardised interfaces. The modular building blocks are so flexible and easy to combine that SMEs in particular benefit from them.

Simply put, an IoT application consists of three components. All these components are provided by Microtronics. You use it to build your IoT solution for your customers.

  • Hardware: Capture, record and edit data.
  • Connectivity: Data is transmitted from the hardware in the field to the IoT platform.
  • IoT Platform: Here you will find the digital twin of the hardware. The data is stored, evaluated, alarms are created and made available for further processing.
Choose from the extensive portfolio on the hardware side. The desired connectivity must already be taken into account when selecting the hardware. On the platform, you choose the tariff that suits your needs. The platform is your management and administration centre. Here you not only manage your devices, but also get access to the data and evaluations. IoT as a Service includes connectivity, infrastructure and provides powerful developer tools.

Secure IoT applications

Microtronics does a lot for the security of your data:

  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Security management
  • Security architecture
  • GDPR compliance

The Security Whitepaper deals with this topic in detail.

The fields of application of IoT as a Service

Evaluate your idea

Start quickly and risk-free: Get to know the ecosystem with the rapidM2M T32x and see for yourself.


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IoT as a Service

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