Radar sensor

Sensor for non-contact level measurement in rough environments

  • High measuring accuracy (measuring range up to 5 m, accuracy ±2 mm)
  • Live data from the harsh environment (measurement interval 10 seconds)
  • Stable data transmission with remote transmission unit
  • No cables at the measuring point
  • Maintenance free operation

The radar sensor is ideal for non-contact level measurement in harsh environments (sewers, water and wastewater systems, rainwater overflow basins) with protection class IP68. The live data is transmitted stably with the proven remote data transmission unit. The measuring interval of 10 seconds as well as the spirit level directly on the sensor drastically increase the measuring accuracy.

The sensor has a 1.5″ inch thread for mounting on standard brackets. Installation in the difficult environment takes place without wiring. The sensor transmits the data to the remote transmission unit.

With 60 GHz non-contact radar technology, operation is maintenance-free. With a measuring interval of 10 seconds, the battery life is up to 10 years. The radar sensor has a gas-tight and corrosion-resistant housing without metal parts.

Never miss an event in the sewer again!

The appropriately selected measurement interval is relevant to avoid measurement errors. Because only if you register an event at all, you can react to it accordingly. During a heavy rain event, water swells within minutes. Just as quickly, the event can be over again. If the measurement interval is 5 minutes, the rash may not be registered at all. If the measurement interval is reduced to one minute, the probability of missing an event is significantly reduced.

Each measurement requires energy. A faster measuring interval always means an increased energy requirement. In the case of stand-alone, battery-powered systems, the balance must be struck here. The radar sensor is perfectly designed for demanding requirements in terms of measuring accuracy and fast measurements. It allows a measurement interval of 10 seconds (measurement range up to 5 m, accuracy ±2 mm) while maintaining a battery life of up to 10 years.

Water level on BLE radar sensor

Stable data transmission with proven, remote transmission unit

Reception quality for a cellular transmission can become a challenge in manholes or ducts. Therefore, it is recommended to place the transfer unit under the manhole cover (in the sand trap, dirt trap) if possible. However, the measuring point is much deeper in the sewer.

The radar sensor is therefore separate from the transmission unit and connected wirelessly. This means that the radar sensor can be positioned up to 20 metres away from the transmission unit (depending on the ambient and structural conditions).

Spirit level on the radar sensor

Maximum measuring precision

The measuring range up to 5m with a resolution of 1mm and an accuracy of ±2mm is ideally suited for a level measurement. The narrow aperture angle of 4° ensures focused and reliable measurements in the range from 0 to 5 meters. This small beam angle results in high measuring accuracy in narrow shafts and sewers.

The proven remote transmission unit can be located up to 20 metres from the radar sensor, allowing the sensor to be positioned much more accurately.

To avoid parallax during installation, there is a spirit level on the radar sensor. This avoids a height-dependent falsification of the measured value.

10 years battery life with live sensor data

Energy consumption is significantly influenced by the frequency of a measurement (measurement interval) and a transmission (transmission interval).
The radar sensor requires only 0.6 μWh to measure and transmit a reading to the central data acquisition system. Comparable industrial sensors require 125 μWh, more than two hundred times that amount.

The measuring interval of the radar sensor is adjustable. With a measurement every 10 seconds, the battery life is 10 years.

Product configurator

With the help of the runtime calculator, you can estimate the autonomous runtime of the application as well as the costs incurred. The actual costs and energy consumption depend on the measurement conditions, such as the reception quality and ambient temperature. Detailed information on the tariffs can be found here.

Technical data

Self-sufficient radar sensor with large measuring range
Item no. 301443
Measurment Range 0 ... 5 m
Blocking distance 0 ... 30 cm
Resolution 1 mm
Precision +/- 2 mm (compared to other available wired industrial sensors with significantly higher energy consumption)
Measurement method 60 GHz radar
Opening angle radar ca. 4°
min. Measuring interval 10 sek.
Power supply Battery
Operating temperature -20 ... +50°C
Humidity 15 ... 90 %rH
Protection class IP68
Ex certification ATEX Zone 1 (II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb)
Dimensions (DL) 55 x 106 mm
Housing material PE-HD
Weight 180 g
Mounting 1 1/2" thread
Running time Up to 10 years with 10 seconds measurement
Name Hardware Version Document Category Revision
Fact Sheet BLE Radar sensor from Hw 2.0 Fact Sheet 09
Manual BLE Radar Sensor Zone 1 from Hw 2.0 Manual 06
EU Declaration of Conformity BLE radar sensor Zone 1 from Hw 2.0 EU Declaration of Conformity 29.06.2023

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