About us

Microtronics supports customers in shaping a sustainable future. This is achieved with the simplification of IoT services to create value for digital communities. It’s not just about developing IoT products, it’s about solving the customer’s problem in harmony with the preservation of our planet. That’s why we’ve created an ecosystem that unites hardware, software and the community to help businesses in every use case grow better and make money with IoT.


Stability & Security

  • Long-term partnerships
  • Owner-managed, independent company
  • High quality, tested equipment and software solutions
  • Reliable data transmission and storage
  • Protection of confidentiality and integrity

Efficiency & sustainability

  • Energy- and resource-saving office building, (server) infrastructure & working environment
  • Living the Pareto Principle
  • Ecodesign in product development; well thoughtful life cycle from design to disposal
  • Long battery life and very low energy consumption

Openness & honesty

  • Respectful, authentic interaction
  • Constantly looking for mutually valuable meetings
  • Clear, transparent service offer
  • Meeting at eye level

Innovation & Development

  • Growing together on the tasks
  • Open strategy communication and change management
  • Transparent communication of updates and changes
  • Products that grow with the tasks of the customers
  • Technology scouting

The IoT challenge

As companies develop and scale IoT solutions, systems are breaking down fast. Each team builds its own solutions from scratch and wrestles with the high complexity, international connectivity, legal requirements as well as billing models. Increased costs, failed concepts and frustration in the project team are the consequences.  

That is why we simplify IoT for our customers. This is achieved with a platform that is designed to create ingenious applications and provides the flexibility to continuously improve the solution during its lifecycle.

IoT as a Service

Microtronics provides solution providers with the infrastructure for their own applications. This includes a free test and development environment, managed services, a solution marketplace, billing, lifecycle management, as well as software and hardware management. The use of fully integrated software libraries dramatically improves the management and availability of IoT use cases.  


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"We want to democratise technology. The question that companies have to ask themselves is not IF but HOW they implement digitalisation and IoT in their organisation. That is why it is a personal concern of mine to provide SMEs with low-risk access with a low-threshold entry and transparent models that grow with them."

Hans-Peter Buber


Visit Microtronics virtually!

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Discover use cases and projects of our customers in the showroom. Take a look at the developer workshop, the Fab Creation Lab and stroll through production. The tour finally ends at Testing.

Stefan Pfeffer - CFO

“IoT is of course not the only solution for a sustainable future. But by using the right technologies, we and our customers can make a substantial contribution to achieving the Global Sustainability Goals.”

Stefan Pfeffer





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