Microtronics IoT platform

The Microtronics IoT platform connects your distributed endpoints worldwide to the internet. Data is collected, processed and securely transmitted to the central IoT platform. You develop your IoT application, select from ready-made applications in the IoT App Store or build a new one based on them. Using the IoT platform you distribute the IoT App to your globally distributed devices and machines. IoT has never been so simple and flexible. Hardware reference designs as well as ready-to-use applications round off the end-to-end total solution and ensure significantly higher customer satisfaction and shorter time-to-market.


Health Dashboard

All operational parameters regarding the health of your IoT system at a glance.

Portal View

Create (public) graphical user interfaces without an additional web server.


The industry standard enables uniform access to machines and devices.

The advantages of the Microtronics IoT platform


Use the full potential of IoT right from the start with low-cost entry options starting with just one device. Benefit from a cost degression in industrialisation. Clear models reduce the risk for your business case calculation.


Analytics and evaluation functions are available to help you make business and process decision faster and based on data. Automatically send alarms, control actuators and create comprehensive graphics and visualisations.

Security & GDPR

The Microtronics IoT platform is fully GDRP compatible. The trustworthiness of the data is ensured with a Security by Design concept. Regular security updates adapt the IoT platform to rapidly changing requirements. Details can be found in the comprehensive Security Whitepaper. Microtronics is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, meeting the requirements for an information security management system.

Management Features

Device Management facilitates the rollout of your applications and supports you in your operative processes as well as in development and testing. Connectivity Management ensures secure, trustworthy data synchronisation and offers modes for energy-saving operation. With the management of admins and users, you map hierarchies and rights management.

Application Management

The IoT App is the central software element of you IoT application. It contains the entire logic and intelligence – from the device to the IoT platform. With the integrated development environment rapidM2M Studio, experts from hardware development, device logic, user interface, data analytics and business intelligence work together in a collaborative and harmonized way. The distribution of IoT Apps via the IoT Store on the platform ensures horizontal and vertical scaling of your IoT application. A concept as simple and flexible as you know it from conventional App Stores on your smartphone.

Administration & Management

Right and user management are integrated in the IoT platform. Build different customers or departments. Roles can be assigned individually from the manager to the service technician. User authenticate themselves on the GDPR compliant IoT platform. Billing mechanisms minimise your administrative effort. SIM management is also mapped directly in the IoT platform. The IoT platform can be fully labelled and fits seamlessly into your corporate identity.

Device Management

Administer, manage, configure and update your devices throughout their entire life cycle with the Microtronics IoT platform. Firmware and software updates of the IoT APP are implemented OTA (over-the-air). Mass device configurations and updates simplify and accelerate processes. Data is stored reliably and securely in the IoT database and can be integrated into existing systems via standardized interfaces (REST API, WebSocket, HTTP push). The device status and additional log files ensure that you can easily manage your devices and always have an overview.


The IoT platform provides information about the system and its health with integrated analysis functions. The number of devices, their status and available updates are visualised This gives you a quick overview of the system and upcoming tasks. Analytics functions can then be applied to the measurement data, making the IoT platform even more valuable for you. Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses the data and generates real added value. With alerting functions via SMS, e-mail or HTTP push, you can react automatically to defined events.

IoT Jump Start

The IoT platform supports your IoT project throughout the entire product life cycle. From the idea and development to worldwide operation. Taking into account the operational reliability of the IoT device, basic firmware functionalities are executed continuously and are not affected by an over-the-air script update. The IoT platform is fully scalable horizontally and vertically. The maturity of the technology and the high quality are proven in more than 300 projects in 80 countries and 60 industries. This also shows the flexibility of the IoT platform. Building on a solid foundation of extensive basic functionalities, you can map your individual requirements exactly.

IoT platform for your needs

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