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Flow measurement at discharge thresholds according to DWA guidelines

Boie - Partnerlösung - myDatalogEASY IoT im Schaltschrank
Boie Datenlogger und BLE Radarsensor im Einsatz
Boie - Partnerlösung - Regenüberlaufbecken protokollieren
Boie - Partnerlösung - myDatalog im Kanal

What's the solution about?

Heavy rainfall events can result in untreated combined sewage being discharged directly into watercourses, with negative impacts on water quality. The aim of wastewater treatment plant operators is to minimise these events.

To enable further action to be taken, gauges are installed at the discharge points. These record the frequency, duration and optionally the volume of backwater and discharge events.

For this application, the company Boie GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully offering various solutions for many years.

Together with Microtronics, an innovative wireless solution has been developed. This solution includes powerful visualisation and rain overflow logging. It is used for storm water overflows, storm water overflow basins and combined sewer overflow basins.

The special feature of this solution is that the level in the channel or basin is detected every 10 seconds with the new ATEX zone 1 radar sensor. As the sensor is self-powered via an internal battery, it can be installed in suitable locations without the need for wiring. The data logger, on the other hand, is located in an easily and conveniently accessible place, also in ATEX zone 1. Communication with the sensor is wireless. Long battery life of up to 10 years is another unbeatable argument for use.

The data is displayed in a fail-safe and clear manner via the web portal. The required reports are immediately available. It is also possible to integrate the data into existing systems from the web portal.

Whether self-sufficient or in the control cabinet: The various data loggers from Microtronics offer a wide range of solutions for existing conditions.

The close and collaborative partnership ensures that the solution, the rain overflow protocol, is always up to date and tailored to the customer’s needs.

These components are used

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Boie GmbH & Co KG is a manufacturer of measurement technology specialising in the utilities and waste management industries. Together with selected partners, the company develops customised applications in the field of measurement technology. Robust, practical and intelligent solutions make the products a success.

Boie GmbH & Co KG offers not only high-quality instruments, but also services for the display, transmission and visualisation of measured values. The company focuses on user-friendliness, sustainability and personal support. Boie GmbH & Co. KG has been committed to these principles since 1967 and supports its partners with commitment and expertise.

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