mA Link

Local output of a measured value as a 4-20mA signal

The mA link enables the local output of a measured value as a 4-20mA signal. Communication between the mA Link and the IoT device is wireless. The device is suitable for controlling a dosing pump, for example.

The mA Link is compatible with the following product families:


Product features

  • Compact dimensions
  • Wireless data transmission
  • mA output with error detection (cable break)
  • Low cabling effort

Example mA Link with myDatasensH2S

The scaling of the output signal on the myDatalogH2S is automatically adapted to the measuring range of the gas sensor used.

For example, if a sensor of type H2S H7 (0-200ppm) is used, a gas value of 0ppm corresponds to an output signal of 4mA. With a gas value of 200ppm, the output signal is 20mA.

Features: 4-20mA OUT

Product configurator

With the help of the runtime calculator, you can estimate the autonomous runtime of the application as well as the costs incurred. The actual costs and energy consumption depend on the measurement conditions, such as the reception quality and ambient temperature. Detailed information on the tariffs can be found here.

Technical data

mA Link
Item no. 300870
Outputs 1 x analogue output (passive, no galvanic isolation)
  • Load voltage: 12...24V
  • max. Load: 360Ω/860Ω (12V/24V, 24mA)
  • I out: 4-20mA
  • I out max : 24m
Power supply Li-SOCl2 cell with 1.2Ah
Operating temperature -20 ... +50°C
Humidity 15 ... 90%rH
Protection class IP67 (all connections plugged in)
Ex certification ATEX Zone 1 (II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb)
Dimensions (DL) 40 x 90mm
Housing material POM
Weight ca. 96g
Running time up to 5 years
Name Hardware Version Document Category Revision
Manual BLE mA Link from Hw 1.1 Manual 1
EU Type Examination Certificate BLE mA Link from Hw 2.0 EU Type Examination Certificate 07.06.2019
EU Declaration of Conformity BLE mA Link from Hw 2.0 EU Declaration of Conformity 02.02.2023
3D View BLE mA Link from Hw 1.1 3D View Hw 1.1
Fact Sheet BLE mA Link from Hw 2.0 Fact Sheet 02

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