Heavy rain events: Monitoring & alerting

Partnerlösung Danova - D-Rain im Einsatz
Partnerlösung Danova - D-Rain im Einsatz
Partnerlösung Danova - D-Rain

What's the solution about?

The D-Rain® is an intelligent, battery-powered data logger for measuring rain (precipitation amount, daily precipitation, intensity). The data on events, duration and intensity are available in SVK format.

Alarms are triggered in the event of cloudburst, heavy precipitation or extreme rain. For easy verification, the raw measurement data is displayed graphically on the platform. Each pulse of the rain gauge is time-stamped in the D-Rain®. The measurement data is enriched with weather forecast data of the GPS position of the D-Rain®.

If D-Rain® monitors bathing waters, for example, prohibition signs can be activated more quickly in the event of heavy rain / cloudbursts.

These components are used

IoT, environmental technology for clean water, wastewater, industry


For over 30 years, the Danish company DANOVA has been active in the field of wastewater and industry. The engineering company offers high-quality equipment and flexible solutions for measuring water levels and flow rates in rivers, canals, sewers, reservoirs and silos.

Reliable, well-documented data helps DANOVA’s customers make better, more informed decisions. This not only creates calm, security and serenity, but also contributes to the positive optimization of resources.

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