Online monitoring of water quality

What's the solution about?

With the power-strong IoT complete solutions for water management (waste water, drinking water and process water), online monitoring of water quality is realized. The IoT data logger offers standard applications for a wide range of water quality parameters and is also customizable.

With the reliable online monitoring solution, the current water quality is controlled. The solution is adaptable to the respective environmental conditions, such as no or limited power supply.

Possible parameters / applications:

  • Conductivity
  • Cloudiness
  • Oil in water – floating pontoon for oil-in-water online monitoring incl. Current-autonomous brush cleaning system for optical sensors e.g.: monitoring of rainwater retention basins, environmental monitoring
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Redox
  • Level / gauge / well monitoring
  • Groundwater level measurement
  • Flow
  • Universal inputs (analog, pulse,…)
  • and much more

These components are used

Environmental Technology


XAMGACOM deals with online monitoring and automatic sampling technology of waste, drinking and process water. The product range extends from simple transmitters, UV-VIS (InSitu) spectrometers, sensors for a variety of water quality parameters, wet chemical online analyzers to complex multi-parameter systems and covers all requirements of modern online measurement technology. Furthermore, XAMGACOM offers an all-in-one service including planning, commissioning, service, measurement concept development, training and implementation of measurement campaigns with mobile and stationary measurement stations.

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