Stop the Hydrogen Sulphide: H2S Monitoring including Dosing Control

Hydrogen sulphide can occur around the sewage and sewer system. If the concentration is too high, H2S is even dangerous. You can read here which areas are negatively affected by the colourless gas.

If one knows about the dangers, countermeasures can be taken in time. H2S monitoring with integrated dosing control is the ideal solution here.

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H2S occurs in industrial and urban wastewater networks. A reaction can occur due to the biological process on the transport path of the wastewater into the wastewater treatment plant. The characteristic smell of rotten eggs develops.

Typical problem areas in the sewage network

  • Above the water level in the sewage pipe
  • After waste water pressure lines
  • Changing steam or waste water turbulence
  • Lifting pipe, sewer jumper, siphon
  • Through start-stop pump cycles
  • In case of sewer overload
  • In the sand trap
  • If the slope is too steep
  • At the sewage treatment plant

How it works in practice

h2s_cross section
  1. Monitoring of H2S concentration in the sewer with ATEX certified equipment.
  2. Configuration of the unit in the sewer remotely via the IoT platform. The data recorded in the sewer are transmitted to the platform at regular intervals via mobile radio and are available there for reports. Alarming and triggering of actions when a defined value is exceeded.
  3. Automatic dosing control with the rapidM2M C3 for preventive dosing of appropriate chemicals to reduce H2S in the sewer.

Advantages of a modern H2S monitoring solution

A modern monitoring solution helps to quickly and efficiently identify problem areas and creates transparency about the condition. This shows how critical the situation actually is. Action steps can be derived and public danger zones can be cordoned off. Immediate dosing of reagents in the pump sump area to reduce the H2S concentration and monitoring the effectiveness of the measures with reporting as evidence provide a remedy.

  • Detection of critical situations via permanent monitoring of the gas concentration
  • Automated data preparation and e-mail reporting
  • Alerting in case of unexpected increase in concentration
  • Innovative sensor exchange concept for maximum efficiency in the calibration process
  • Reduction of gas concentration via remote dosing control to minimise corrosion
  • Optimised treatment of the reactant to save costs and the environment
  • Automated operating materials logistics via consumption monitoring with fill level alarming
  • Reduction of trips to a minimum thanks to maintenance concept adapted to calibration cycles
  • Efficient staff deployment through simplified management via remote login

Equipped for everything with dosing control

The H2S monitoring solution can additionally be combined with a dosing control. Thus, either event-based, i.e. as soon as odour formation occurs, or preventive chemicals can be released to reduce the H2S concentration. In addition, continuous operation and automated logistics with low personnel costs can be ensured by measuring the level of the reaction medium.

Special features of Microtronics technology

The myDatasens devices have been perfectly adapted to the challenging application needs. This results in a highly optimised TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the operator. This makes it the most efficient H2S monitoring solution available on the market today.

Comparison of Microtronic’s solution with that of its market competitors:

MicrotronicsMarket companion
Assembly time<5 minutes, no entry necessary10-30 minutes, partial screwing
Sensor replacement time<1 minute, no entry necessary10-20 minutes or unit exchange
Travel frequencyMax. 2x per year, calibrationSeveral times per year, calibration, battery replacement
Battery life time10 years8 months
ATEXCertified for zone 1Not certified
Measurement data storage capacity with 1 minute data grid180 days29 days
Measurement data storage capacity with 5 minute data grid24 months6 months
Data points261.80042.000
Data readout– Remotely available on the server via mobile radio
– Locally via Bluetooth and app
– Locally via wireless USB stick
Cloud storageYesOptional
Full Color DisplayYesNo
Maintenance interval and service interval displayYesNo

The H2S measuring devices are adapted to the needs of the customers. Thanks to the maintenance concept, resources and costs are saved. Continuous data collection helps to detect damage at an early stage, avoid failures and optimise processes.


With the H2S monitoring including dosing control from Microtronics, you have the hydrogen sulphide concentration in the ambient air at a glance. Now it is possible for you to initiate effective measures in a targeted manner.

Microtronics partner HeGo Biotec demonstrates how the odour nuisance was stopped using the example of Berlin-Köpenick. Thanks to continuous H2S measurement, the corresponding chemicals can now be dosed as needed.

You want to know more about the rapidM2M C3?


Current Challenges in municipal Water Management

Climate change is reflected in the change in weather patterns. Weather phenomena such as storms, rain and floods are increasingly leading to devastating consequences. The damage caused, regional states of emergency and people in need now regularly dominate the news.

The weather is hard to change. What we can do, however, is adapt to the challenges. With the right solution, negative consequences can be prevented or at least mitigated. Find out which applications have already proven themselves in use.

NÖ Innovationspreise für myDatalogEx

Innovation award for data acquisition and sensor supply in the ATEX zone

At the Lower Austrian Innovation Award 2022, the myDatalogEx was recognised with a commendation in the Digitalisation/KI category. Powering, sensing and transmitting 4-20mA sensors in the hazardous ATEX environment is the USP of the myDatalogEx. The unit is configured on the comprehensive web portal and the data is available.

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