Recognition for asset tracking at innovation award

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Asset tracking saves time and resources. Asset tracking saves time and resources. With sustainability increasingly becoming the focus of society, asset tracking can offer enormous added value. This was also recognised by the jury of the Lower Austrian Innovation Award.

The rapidM2M T32x has all the necessary prerequisites to realise effective asset tracking.

Asset monitoring and support for inventory

In inventory, for example on construction sites or with infrastructure operators, a lot of time is lost searching for assets. Employees are busy searching instead of actually working and generating value. Unnecessary re-orders because the asset simply cannot be found drive up costs even further.

With the rapidM2M T32x and a corresponding IoT app, this search is a thing of the past. The small tracker (65x50x20mm) is retrofitted to the asset. As soon as the asset moves, its position is recorded. The position data is transmitted to the server and visualised there.

In addition, further information such as temperature or vibrations can be recorded. It is also possible to send an alarm via SMS or e-mail if the asset moves, for example.

rapidM2M T32x mit Magnethalterung auf Anhänger angebracht

First market successes

Asset tracking and the associated inventory are already being used successfully. The location of stationary assets is monitored and the generic solutions are used to visualise the data on the server. According to the retrofit principle, the assets can be retrofitted with different mounting options. The solution does not require any intervention in existing IT systems. However, integration into existing systems is easily possible via the API interface.

The solution convinces through quick and easy commissioning. Almost risk-free and with an extremely low budget, experience is gained and the procedures and processes behind asset tracking are tested. The additional benefit is generated without lengthy and costly in-house developments.

Demo IoT App “T32x Acceleration GPS Tracker”

The demo IoT app “T32x Acceleration GPS Tracker” is available to you free of charge. Select the demo IoT app during commissioning and test the tracking of your assets.

After the successful first test, make the demo IoT app your application. Give the IoT app a new face in the rapidM2M Studio by changing the name and icon accordingly.

That’s not enough for you? Then adapt the IoT app and adjust the programme exactly to your needs.

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