rapidM2M T32x

Developing and testing IoT apps in a real environment

The rapidM2M T32x is the perfect entry-level device for prototyping. The processes and the business model are tested easily and with low risk in the real environment. The device is characterised by the extensive integrated sensor technology and the “easy-to-hack” approach.

Developing and testing IoT apps in a real environment

Ready-made IoT apps are already available for the rapidM2M T32x in the Marketplace. Asset tracking, a retrofit operating hours counter or the Access Technology Explorer are installed over-the-air on the device with just a few clicks. In addition, the corresponding templates and evaluations are available on the web platform. Alternatively, own applications can be created in the web-based IDE rapidM2M Studio based on the examples and with numerous libraries.

Extensive sensor technology

The rapidM2M T32x has a temperature and 3-axis acceleration sensor. The position is determined with GNSS. Libraries are available for the sensors and interfaces.

Energy consumption monitoring

The low energy consumption enables applications with a runtime of around one year. The integrated SoC energy consumption monitoring provides an overview.

Open platform

The open platform enables integration into all systems. Be it through the "easy-to-hack" approach on the hardware level or on the software side via the API interface.

Use Case

Retrofit operating hours counter

The rapidM2M T32x measures the operating hours via the vibrations and evaluates them on the platform. In addition, the current position is determined.

IoT App

Acceleration GPS Tracker

The IoT App “T32x Acceleration GPS Tracker” measures the movements and displays them graphically on a map.

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