Retrofit time meter with the rapidM2M T32x

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If you have built your own house, you know the problem of moisture in the building after interiors plastering. Building dryers are distributed in the house to dry out the new building. Dehumidifiers are also used after a burst pipe or a flood. For this period, homeowners are glad for the availability of such devices, but afterwards they are not needed for ages.

It is a classic case for a usage-based billing model. On a daily, hourly and even minute basis, billing only occurs when the device is actually in use. The need for such a billing model for critical as well as less critical asset is increasing. A time meter is the solution. According to the retrofit principle, this is realised and retrofitted with the rapidM2M T32x without mechanical or electronic interventions in the device.

The rapidM2M T32x with the “Time Meter” IoT App is attached to the device. The easiest way to do this is with the magnetic holder, which can be attached to any metal surface. Alternatively, the operating hour meter is attached to the device via a screw connection.

rapidM2M T32x

If it vibrates, then it runs

How can the rapidM2M T32x count the operating hours, if it is only attached outside of the device? The rapidM2M T32x has a 3-axis-acceleration sensor. This detects that the device is running due to the movement or vibrations. For example, heat pumps, compressors, refrigeration dryers, motor-driven machines or vibrating units/equipment/engines are retrofitted with the time meter.

The vibration sensitivity, this means the value from which the unit considers to be “running” and the operating hours are counted, is configurable. By default, this is set to 500mg. Detection up to 4000mg is recorded in total. The minimum vibration duration (default 10 seconds) from which the operating hours are counted can also be set.

Konfiguration "Time Meter" IoT-App für rapidM2M T32x

During the transport of the device from one place of operation to the next, the vibrations must not be counted as operating hours. For this purpose, the rapidM2M T32x can be set to transport mode via the web platform.

An alarm can be triggered via the reed contact (only if attached with the magnetic holder) if the time meter is removed from the device. For this purpose, a corresponding alarm call plan must be set upped on the platform.

Added value through configuration & reporting platform

The biggest USP compared to similar time meters is the fully integrated platform. The data is collected on the platform and displayed in reports. The online platform, where the device is also configured, completely replaces a local display.

With other time meters, you often must click through various values with a button to read the current measured values. Then the values are manually transferred to another system – often it is a list on a sheet of paper, which in a next step is manually transferred to an excel. Digitisation is inconceivable!

Auswertung "Time Meter" IoT-App für rapidM2M T32x

With the rapidM2M T32x and the integrated web platform you enjoy advantages of digitisation and reduce unnecessary additional efforts without media discontinuity. Via mobile radio the operating hours and the position are regularly sent to the platform. The current as well as historical data are stored in the platform and can be retrieved at any time.

The most important features

  • Recording of operating hours by means of vibration detection
  • Report of current and historical data via web platform
  • Billing according to actual usage
  • Alarm in case of removal of the time meter
  • Position determination
  • Analysis of data enables condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance

Condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance

In addition to usage-based billing, targeted revaluation of the data provides additional added value. Maintenance cycles can be optimised, and the functionality of the device is guaranteed.

Whereas devices used to be maintained in a time cycle of, let us say, one year, this can now be done much more effectively based on actual usage time. Condition-based monitoring goes one step further. The time meter records the vibration intensity. If the curve changes, i.e. the machine does not jolt or vibrate as usual, this allows maintenance requirements to be identified at an early stage. Monitoring the condition beyond a mere “on” or “off” results in further advantages. A change in the vibration curve is a sign that something is not running smoothly. Early action reduces damage to the equipment and optimises service life and utilisation.

Pro-Tip: Many other IoT Apps are available for the rapidM2M T32x, such as the “Acceleration GPS Tracking” or the “Access Technology Explorer”.

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