Non-contact level measurement wins the “Niederösterreichischer Innovationspreis”

Under the motto "Never again miss an event in the sewer to protect the environment", Microtronics won the "Niederösterreichischer Innovationspreis" worth 10,000 euros with an innovative measuring system. The award was presented at a ceremony on 24 October in the House of Digitalisation by Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner and Wolfgang Ecker, President of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

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The non-contact level meter with extremely high accuracy measures every 10 seconds over 10 years maintenance-free. Wireless mounting facilitates installation in rough environments such as sewers and stormwater overflow or combined sewer overflow basins.

Reliable data transmission

During heavy rainfall events, for example, the water level swells and falls again within a very short time. Therefore, short measuring intervals of 10 seconds are necessary in order not to miss any event.

The radar sensor also impresses with a battery life of 10 years; Due to the non-contact 60 GHz radar technology, operation is maintenance-free. The radar sensor has a gas-tight and corrosion-resistant housing without metal parts. The data is reliably transferred to the platform, where it forms the basis for modern AI algorithms.

10,000 euros for further innovations

The prize money will be used to target further innovations at Microtronics. “Microtronics wants to continue its research and make modern technology accessible to small companies in particular. Together, we can use technology to make our future a little better every day without having to do without,” says Hans-Peter Buber, Managing Director Product at Microtronics;

With the overall victory of the “Niederösterreichischer Innovationspreis”, Microtronics also emerged as the State Award for Innovation. This is the highest official award for innovations in companies in Austria.

About the Lower Austrian Innovation Award

The Lower Austrian Innovation Award was presented for the 36th time. The “Karl Ritter von Ghega” prize awarded to Microtronics is the highest award in Lower Austria for innovations in companies and research institutions. In addition to the main prize, three other category winners were awarded. The prize is awarded by the province of Lower Austria together with the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Never miss an event on the channel again and protect the environment

BLE Radarsensor montiert im Kanal

Incredibly flexible: 5 ways to mount the radar sensor

There is a lot going on in the rough environment of a sewer or rain overflow basin. During heavy rainfall events, for example, the water level swells and recedes within a very short time. In order to register the event at all, the measurement intervals must be very short. This is where the radar sensor comes into its own.

Protokollierung im RÜB

Rain overflow monitoring: Take 3 simple steps for the environment

Rain overflow basins or combined sewer overflow basins relieve the sewer system during heavy rainfall. If the basin capacity is not sufficient, the partially treated water flows into public waters. The new feature of the platform helps to log data on the water pollution that has occurred in such situations.


Current Challenges in municipal Water Management

Climate change is reflected in the change in weather patterns. Weather phenomena such as storms, rain and floods are increasingly leading to devastating consequences. The damage caused, regional states of emergency and people in need now regularly dominate the news.

The weather is hard to change. What we can do, however, is adapt to the challenges. With the right solution, negative consequences can be prevented or at least mitigated. Find out which applications have already proven themselves in use.

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