Winner of the Lower Austrian Innovation Award in the category „Digitalisation”

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The category winner “Innovations with Digitalisation” of the Lower Austrian Innovation Awards 2020 is Microtronics with its IoT Apps.

It has never been so easy to create an IoT application.

Many areas work together to create an IoT application. A wide range of skills are necessary. With the concept of IoT Apps, Microtronics has succeeded in drastically simplifying teamwork and reducing complexity. In addition, the reusability of the code and the convenient scaling of the IoT Apps are an enormous advantage.

 The reduction of complexity is achieved by the extensive toolbox, the so-called IoT Suite. Based on many libraries, examples and templates, solutions are created like the plug’n’play principle. This enables much faster prototyping and subsequently a faster go-to-market. Each module can be individually adapted to the respective needs.

The customer benefits from the concept of the IoT app, where the distribution of the application, the device management and the scaling are already integrated from the beginning.

Reusability of the logic – in several projects within and outside the company, not reinventing the wheel, relying on proven functions & concepts and adapting them: These are the premises.

IoT apps take a huge part out of the complexity of IoT projects.

  • Central development and operating environment
  • Team development (collaboration & sharing)
  • Secure, stable and scalable by default
  • Extensive functions already implemented by default

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