Maximise the Runtime of your Devices

The runtime of industrial battery-powered devices is an aspect that plays a relevant role in terms of efficiency and sustainability. If the devices are located in places that are difficult to access, such as in a canal, a device-lifelong runtime is an enormous increase in efficiency - not only for the devices, but also for the employees who maintain and support the systems.

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Technological development offers enormous potential – for mobile communications, among other things. If this is used, comprehensive improvements can be achieved. Efficient use of energy is more important today than ever before. The improved device runtime is a necessary step.

Lifelong device runtime with LTE-M

2G/3G was then – the new star in the mobile communications sky is LTE-M. If this mobile radio technology is used for data transmission, it leads to a massive reduction in energy consumption and an enormous increase in device runtime.

How is that possible? Due to the power-saving LTE-M technology, battery replacement in industrial IoT devices is no longer necessary – it lasts a complete device life!

This leads to further enormous savings opportunities and a more efficient, sustainable use of important resources. As it is no longer necessary to replace the battery, the number of trips to the measuring point is reduced. The devices enable energy-saving operation and can therefore be used for longer. This protects the environment.

Doubled runtime thanks to software update

Technology must be constantly developed and improved. At the same time, energy saving is one of the most important topics in 2022. A software update that maximises the energy efficiency of the devices is the solution.

Facts & Figures: Effects of the update

The software update affects the myDatalogGauge and myDatasensH2S devices as follows:

For all new myDatasensH2S 3G, the term is doubled to 5 years. With the myDatasensH2S LTE-M variant, the runtime increased to the entire life of the device.

For all new myDatalogGauge 3G, the runtime is extended to 8 years in normal operation. With the myDatalogGauge LTE-M variant, the runtime in normal operation increases beyond the 8 years. Normal operation means that the sensor is connected wirelessly to the gateway and measured values are regularly recorded and transmitted.

Devices that are already in use will also benefit from the update – over-the-air. The actual runtime extension depends on the battery’s state of charge at the time of the software update.

You want to benefit from energy efficiency? Get in touch with us. Our technicians will be happy to support you!

2G Sunset

2G/3G Sunset – Modernise your device fleet

Constantly growing demands on data transmission and the desire for future-proof technologies are challenging network operators. To make room for future-proof transmission technologies such as 4G, NB-IoT and 5G, older technologies are being switched off. Swisscom, for example, has already switched off the 2G network in Switzerland in 2019. In 2021, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom switched off 3G in Germany. In Austria, Magenta 2024 has switched off 3G. A1 plans to do the same by the end of 2024.

The freed-up frequency spectrum makes room for new modern technology such as 4G and 5G. We have summarised more about the development of mobile technologies and 4G with NB-IoT and M1 for you in “4G is not just 4G”.

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