Tele Haase control units (ecoX)

ecoX - Building the future in an energy-efficient way

Tele Haase EcoX
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What's the solution about?

EcoX from TELE Haase is an innovative solution that specialises in proactive energy management on construction sites. Before introducing ecoX, inefficient energy management practices and lack of real-time data posed a challenge for site managers. Energy wastage and inadequate data analysis led to increased costs and operational inefficiencies;

By implementing ecoX, companies can now monitor and control energy in real time, resulting in significant cost savings. The system provides a comprehensive overview of energy consumption and enables users to take proactive measures to increase efficiency. This intelligent energy management system also supports compliance with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria by providing detailed reporting and analysis of environmental impact.

The advantages of ecoX are manifold. For construction site operators, this means optimised energy consumption, improved cost control and compliance with sustainability requirements. In addition, ecoX enables better planning and management of resources through accurate data that supports strategic decisions.

All in all, ecoX from TELE Haase is an indispensable solution for modern construction site management that not only reduces operating costs but also contributes to environmental protection. This solution is therefore an essential component for companies that want to improve their energy efficiency and at the same time take their environmental responsibility seriously.

These components are used


Tele Haase control units

Tele Haase is an Austrian industrial company that has been developing and producing automation components in Vienna and exporting them worldwide since 1963. These products are manufactured both under the company’s own name and to a large extent for renowned international suppliers under their own brand and are part of renewable energy generation in wind, water and solar power plants. In addition, Tele Haase uses its expertise in the industrialisation of electronic components and offers development and production services in the electronics sector locally in Vienna. They use their many years of expertise to develop innovative solutions that have an ecological and economic impact.

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