Radar sensor Vegapuls C21 for myDatalogEASY IoT ATEX with barrier

The VEGAPULS C21 is the ideal sensor for non-contact level measurement in simple applications where a high degree of protection is required. It is particularly suitable for use in water treatment, in pump stations as well as rain overflow basins, for flow measurement in open channels and level monitoring. In bulk materials, the sensors are used in small bulk silos or open containers.

  • Axial cable outlet
  • Measuring range up to 15 m
  • Accuracy ±2 mm
  • Cable length 5m with plug


Price class B

1,297.50 (excl. VAT)

Explosion protection:
ATEX/IEC/c-FM-us/c-CSA-us; gas, intrinsic safety, zone 0, 0/1, 1, 2 (Class I Division 1, 2) + dust, intrinsic safety, zone 20, 20/21, 21, 22 (Class II, III Division 1, 2)
Thread process side / cable side:Thread G1½ / G1
Cable material / length: PUR / 5m (approx. 16ft)


  • Two-wire 4 … 20 mA/HART
  • Sensor adjustment via smartphone and VEGA Tools-App

Mounting braket with adjustable sensor holder:

  • Sensor connection: 1″ suitable for VEGAPULS C 21
  • Lenght to sensor centre: 200 mm (7.87 inch)


  • Vegapuls C21 with cable plug 7-polig für myDatalogEx mounted
  • Mounting braket with adjustable sensor holder
  • Measuring channel 1 consisting of:
    • 7-pin Souriau connector (yellow)
    • Potential equalisation
    • Zener barrier 167 installed in myDatalogEASY IoT ATEX

Product configurator

With the help of the runtime calculator, you can estimate the autonomous runtime of the application as well as the costs incurred. The actual costs and energy consumption depend on the measurement conditions, such as the reception quality and ambient temperature. Detailed information on the tariffs can be found here.

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