myDatalogEASY IoTmini

Compact control centre for field operation
The myDatalogEASY IoTmini is a compact device for measuring, recording and transmitting data from the field to the integrated web platform. The total solution reduces the complexity of measurement and control system in the field. There are different mounting options like wall, pipe or DIN rail mounting.
IoT Apps give the myDatalogEASY IoTmini its intelligence. They define the application. Ready-made IoT apps such as the 4-Channel-Data-Logger are available in the Marketplace. Alternatively, own IoT apps can be programmed in the rapidM2M Studio.

Autarchic operation

The myDatalogEASY IoTmini is available with different supply options. In addition to battery and rechargeable battery, supply via a solar panel is possible for self-sufficient operation of the solution. For applications with existing infrastructure, there is a power supply variant. For this, an alternative version of the cover is required.

Integrated sensor supply

The myDatalogEASY IoTmini can supply sensors with 5-24V. In addition, two switchable 3.3V sensor supplies are available.

GPS Option

By default, the position is determined via GSM cell location. For a more precise position determination there is an optional GNSS receiver. With the GPS option, the myDatalogEASY IoTmini LPWAN also offers position determination.

Integrated energy management

The myDatalogEASY IoTmini calculates the exact (rechargeable) battery charge state using the Coulomb method. This is particularly relevant for stand-alone applications in the field and gives a good feeling.

Machland-Damm & Inteso

Monitoring of the flood protection system

At the 36-kilometer-long Machland-Damm, the groundwater level is monitored remotely. Thanks to the monitoring system, the level can be queried from the control centre. If a limit value is exceeded, there is an automatic alarm.

UTK – EcoSens GmbH Zeitz

Monitoring photovoltaic plants

Photovoltaic plants are monitored throughout Germany. In the event of a fault, a fast, automatic alarm provides information.

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