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Ecosystem as a Service

Microtronics for Technicians

  • Devices for configuring or programming
  • Platform with device management and data storage
  • Ready-to-use services
  • Interfaces in control centre systems or business processes
  • Perfect for applications in environmental technology, energy and logistics / asset management

Create and run applications easily

The ecosystem includes devices for a wide range of applications, pre-installed configuration software and ready-to-use services. This allows you to create quick and easy solutions for your customers. With the powerful development environment, you can adapt the devices even more precisely to your needs.

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Selection of suitable devices

Whether in harsh environments, stand-alone applications in the field or applications in the control cabinet – the devices play to their strengths in environmental measurement technology, the energy sector and in asset tracking / management. Reliable and consistent measurement data are relevant in critical infrastructure applications such as water and wastewater supply. Das Benutzermanagement unterstützt Sie im Betrieb der Applikation.

Configuring in the Platform

Use the flexible overall system consisting of hardware, software and service and adapt it to the individual needs of your customers. Configure and parameterise your solution in the platform in just a few steps.

The platform not only reliably stores your data, but also grows with your needs. From the very first device, you benefit from numerous features such as device management, alerting, visualisation, reporting and much more. The costs are settled transparently and fairly.

Customise in the studio

You want to go deeper into the solution and reach the limits with the configuration? Then customise your application in the development environment, the Studio. Numerous demos, libraries, sample codes and tutorials are available for this purpose.

Earn money with IoT from the first device

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