Smart motor protection plug

What's the solution about?

If the motor protection is tripped, the Microtronics technology enables the recording of faults and reasons for tripping. All data is clearly displayed in an app.

The NOLTA motor protection plugs offer optimal motor protection against thermal overload and the magnetic quick release ensures a fast and safe shutdown. This prevents damage to the connected machine.

Microtronics technology has been integrated into the NOLTA protection combination. This records the detected faults and reasons for tripping the motor protection. This operating data is transmitted to the central server via GSM and can be accessed by users at any time via the NOLTAnet app.

In addition, a GPS sensor ensures that the position is determined. This provides theft protection so that the customer knows where his machines are at all times. By means of geofence, an alarm is triggered when a defined radius is left.

As an additional service, the operating hours of the connected pump or compressor are recorded. The automatic, integrated operating hours counter is an attractive service with high additional benefits for pump operators.

The NOLTAnet app combines all this information clearly. Push messages inform immediately in case of problems, which minimises the reaction time in case of errors.

The cooperation

In the smart motor protection project, the technology of a rapidM2M M220 module was used. Due to the given space conditions, a separate circuit board was designed for this purpose, on which all the required components of the module were integrated.

This approach means that the specially developed circuit board meets NOLTA’s requirements exactly. Since there are only components on the board that are actually relevant and needed for the intelligent motor protection, this is an advantage when rolling out a large number of units. This is an attractive option not only in terms of price. Finally, each additional component has an impact on costs and needs to be tested.

In the intelligent motor protection project, NOLTA GmbH has invested many of its own resources in the development and adaptation of the script. With training courses, a knowledge base was built up internally around the programming of the rapidM2M modules.

These components are used

Energy management


Nolta GmbH, located in Cölbe in Upper Hesse, is one of the hidden champions of German medium-sized businesses. The solutions are inconspicuous and yet it is impossible to imagine the construction, pump or manufacturing industry without them. “At the end of the day, all you sell are plugs and float switches,” said one critical customer. You can look at it this way. But if a motor protection plug or a float switch doesn’t work at the right moment, it’s not a switch, it’s a problem. Nolta’s products therefore provide security above all. Safety based on decades of experience and the highest quality standards. “Engineering made in Germany” is in demand worldwide and Nolta offers exactly that. For example, Nolta products are used on 90 % of German construction sites where pumps are needed. Nolta is present in the USA and India with its own subsidiaries. There are also trade representations in Denmark, Austria, the Benelux countries as well as in Australia and Chile.

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