The heart of the internet of things: sensors

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The internet of things is on the rise. Everything that produces data is made “smart” and integrated into business models and processes. That is a great opportunity for sensor manufacturers. Measuring is the core business of sensor manufactures. They ensure that gas, pressure, level, temperature and everything is measured your heart could desire. These measurement data represents a real treasure.

In order to provide permanent access to the measurement values and to save the values at adjustable intervals as comfortable as possible, Microtronics has developed the EASY PCB E230. The handy 36 x 12 x 100mm (WHD) circuit board can be installed directly into your sensor. The sensor is linked via digital and analogue universal inputs as well as RS284/RS232 modbus interface

Low energy consumption

The EASY PCB E230 is characterized by low energy consumption. In standby mode the energy consumption is only 53μA. In the wakeup mode immediate transfer can be triggered and the energy consumption is 1,59mA. If the EASY PCB E230 is operated in online mode, measurement values are immediately sent to the cloud and the energy consumption is 21,96mA. If measurement data is currently transmitted by an EASY PCB E230 the energy consumption rises to 113,4mA. It is of utmost importance to choose the transmission interval carefully to optimize energy consumption.

The EASY PCB E230 makes your sensor smart and can respond to measurement values. Therefore, no complex programming is required. Configuring instead of programming is the motto here.

Reduction of the development costs

With the EASY PCB E230 you reduce your development costs to an absolute minimum. A redesign of the sensor’s electronics to integrate the data memory and transmission causes enormous costs. With the use of the EASY PCB E230 you will save these costs, because Microtronics has already done the development for you. The complexity of an electronic interface which offers the added values of data memory and connectivity to a central server platform is reduced due to the EASY PCB E230. Whether pressure, gas, temperature, level or proximity sensors, the EASY PCB E230 is independent of your application.

The EASY PCB turns your sensor into a “smart” sensor. Your customers will benefit from new features. In adjustable intervals the measurement values are stored and transmitted. Via the central web platform your customer has not only constantly access to the sensor, but also the assurance that everything is working properly. Even alarm SMS in case of exceeding or falling below threshold values are set by default with the EASY PCB E230.

Use the manifold opportunities that a measurement values memory with data transfer and measurement amplifier offers to keep pace with the times. Contact Microtronics today and learn how you can change your sensor to a smart sensor with only a few simple steps. Offer your customers an added value and establish a competitive advantage!

Details about the EASY PCB E230

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