Radar sensor nominated for Digital Impulse Award

After winning the Lower Austrian Innovation Award 2023, the journey for the radar sensor continues. This time he was nominated for the Digital Impuls Award.

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The Digital Impuls Award ceremony took place on 16 May at the Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna. For the sixth time, “Die Presse” and Drei Business awarded the prizes in the Innovation and Transformation categories as well as the special prize in the Sustainability category.

There were over 100 entries for the Digital Impuls Award. The radar sensor entered the race in the Innovation category; The task there was to create disruptive products and services with technology. So it’s no surprise that the radar sensor made the shortlist of the 10 most innovative products.

10-year runtime with 10-second measuring interval

The radar sensor is characterised by its extremely energy-saving operation combined with high data quality. Every 10 seconds, the radar sensor measures the level in a harsh environment such as the sewer. Once installed, the measuring system works maintenance-free for 10 years and reliably transmits the data to the platform via mobile radio.

Seal - nominated for the Digital Impuls Award 2024 in the Innovation category

“We are delighted to have made it into the top 10 with the radar sensor. We need innovative technologies to manage, for example, our important wastewater infrastructure efficiently and sustainably. The generated database is the basis for optimisations, alerts and AI-based calculation models,” says Sabrina Waldbauer, Head of Marketing at Microtronics. “Congratulations to the winners of the Digital Impuls Award”.

Want to know more about the nominated radar sensor?

Das Display des Jellox Datenlogger ist extrem hilfreich für die Inbetriebenahme und für laufende Statusinformationen

Did you know: Why is the display on the Jellox so helpful?

Data loggers such as Jellox record data and transmit it to platforms on the Internet. We access this data via laptop or smartphone. However, without a display on the data logger, it cannot provide any direct information about its current status. Depending on the area of application of the data logger, this can be more than unpleasant.


Interface to your process control or SCADA system

The open interfaces of the Microtronics IoT Platform via RESTful API and OPC-UA enable easy integration of the data into the desired target systems such as process control or SCADA systems. Some suppliers have already integrated the data loggers directly.

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