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smart, automatic doors

For the record Group, simple and remote maintenance, but also the issue of safety, was very important. Together with Microtronics, both areas could be implemented.

Predictive Maintenance & Safety

Starting situation

The Swiss company record Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic door systems. With Microtronics, valuable experience was gained with regard to the Internet of Things and an initial proof of concept was created.

For maintenance or to basically get information about an automatic door, the service technician has to connect directly on site by cable. This requires a complex operation to unscrew the door and thus obtain the required data. Anyone who has ever walked past a door that has been screwed open in this way knows how unattractive and annoying this is for potential customers.

The project

In the proof of concept, the focus was on rapid implementation in order to generate experience under real conditions according to the “learning by doing” principle. Because even if everything is technically possible, “Because we can” is not sufficient justification for an IoT project. Measuring every second and monitoring the condition of the door live is not a challenge from a technical point of view. But what for?

Workshops were held internally and with customers, and a discussion was opened about the potential of the Internet of Things. This communication and proof of concept raised completely new questions at the record Group. For example, security plays a central role for doors that are accessible via the internet. It is unthinkable if the door could be opened remotely by unauthorised persons.

Therefore, a two-step process has been provided for predictive and remote maintenance applications. Only after confirmation directly at the door are the changes made by the service technician remotely actually forwarded to the door. The monitoring platform allows the doors to be managed online without too much technical knowledge.

The example of the record Group shows that an IoT project is also always an innovation project. A wide range of stakeholders need to be brought on board to ultimately add value, not simply collect and collate data because you can.

"With the fast and pragmatic implementation of Microtronics' proof of concepts, we were able to generate relevant learnings in a short time."

Floris van Hooft

CMO - record Group

The cooperation

With a rapidM2M module and a rapidM2M PoC CAN Shield, the data of the automatic door was recorded directly via the CAN interface. Approximately 80 different parameters are supplied by a door. For this, an elaborate protocol had to be implemented.

Among other things, the number of openings, error messages, approach speed and braking are recorded. Due to the openings, a cyclical movement profile is created.

The end-to-end security of the Microtronics total solution is suitable for such safety-critical applications. A variety of security mechanisms are already integrated into the system architecture. Among other things, this includes memory-to-memory communication and AES 256 encryption.

In the proof of concept, it is relevant to make rapid progress. The focus here is on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This is easy to implement with a PoC Shield. In order to minimise time, costs and risk, a complete onboarding or integration is often only realised in the next phase of an IoT project together with the customer.

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