IoTect 9001 from Abus

The Smart Lock IoTect 9001 from Abus is more than just a lock. The IoTect 9001 implements a comprehensive authorisation concept. Whether rooms or sensitive transport goods: All lock openings and other data are documented and visualised in the central management platform.

Secure, digital locking technology


IoTect 9001 is a digital locking system. Behind the lock is a comprehensive management and documentation platform. The lock can be opened or keys issued via app or online application.

If an unauthorised opening is attempted, an alarm is signalled and sent. The additional tracking function via GPS is particularly interesting for high-value or sensitive transport goods. With geo-fencing, leaving or entering a defined area can be monitored.

Communication is encrypted and secure data exchange is guaranteed at all times. Locks as well as users and access rules are managed via app and centrally in a platform.

Technical implementation

Based on the rapidM2M M2 module, an energy-saving IoT functionality is implemented, as well as the connection of the peripherals (motors, sensors, BLE, GPS, battery charge control, etc.). The IoT functionality enables over-the-air updates (OTA for short), logging, troubleshooting, support options and remote openings. The Microtronics IoT platform is connected to a consumer app and a management and documentation platform via REST API for user-specific interface design.

Product features

  • Tracking of activities and openings of the lock
  • Setting of access rules
  • Remote opening via central platform
  • Positioning, tracking and geo-fencing via GPS
  • Alarm in case of attempted unauthorised opening
  • Push notification in case of alarm or low battery condition
  • Management and documentation platform
  • Secure OTA update concept (Over the Air)
  • Long rechargeable battery life

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