Retrofit solution for flow measurement

What's the solution about?

The retrofit solution from Hawle Service GmbH is used to determine flow rates in the existing drinking water network and to create water balances. The water meter can be displayed virtually. The measurement is carried out using ultrasound. The water flow can be measured both forwards and backwards.

The solution is non-invasive. This means that the existing pipe network is not interfered with. It is fitted “clamp-on”, which means that the pipe does not need to be opened. This has the advantage that the pipe network does not have to be switched off and neighbours do not have to be informed.

The myDatalogC3 transfers the recorded data. It is permanently online, which enables real-time alerting. By analysing the annual consumption, helpful conclusions can be drawn. The solution also helps with leak detection, as faulty areas can be identified very easily.

These components are used

Environmental Technology

Hawle Service GmbH

Hawle Service GmbH can already look back on a great deal of experience – 40 years in the field of control valves and more than 15 years in hydrant service. The company is a reliable partner of the Austrian drinking water suppliers. In addition to carrying out maintenance work throughout Austria, they take care of compliance with inspection obligations and the pinpoint detection of leaks in the drinking water network. A specially developed and continuously optimised process has been proven to extend the service life of installed fittings, control valves and hydrants. This can save costs and effort.

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