The new generation of dosing systems

Partner solution a.p.f. - M2-Connect Device
Partnerlösung a.p.f. - M2-Connect

What the partner solution offers

The new generation of dosing systems includes bus participants on RS485, but with different protocols. Therefore, a.p.f Aqua System AG decided to develop an IO board including housing and touch display. Housing (protection class IP65) and display are high-quality purchased parts.

For the IO board, which carries the rapidM2M M220 as controller, they relied on Microtronics as development partner. In this way, they were able to draw on the experience gained from existing PoC shields, and furthermore make all GPIOs and buses usable in the form of a board suitable for industrial use. The features of the IO board are 2x UART (1x display), I2C, 2x Digital-In and 1x RS485. As well as optionally a) 1x interrupt and 2x relay or b) 2x RS485 and 1x relay. The rapidM2M M220 and the display are freely programmable, which means that a wide variety of bus-based applications can be implemented with this versatile box, and of course nothing stands in the way of OEM use.

These components are used

Environmental Technology

a.p.f Aqua System AG

The company was founded in 2000 to develop, manufacture and distribute decentralised recirculating drinking water systems worldwide. The company’s focus has changed with the development and worldwide patenting of a chlorine dioxide production process. This manufacturing process resulted in the product Clorious2, which has been marketed exclusively with Brenntag GmbH since 2011. With the use of Clorious2 in many water processes, the remote monitoring, remote control and complete documentation of these processes became an important key for the worldwide, broad and very successful application.

In 2018, Endress+Hauser Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG was won as a technical partner for this. Thanks to the R&D of a.p.f Aqua System AG, new promising areas of application are constantly emerging. Missing sensor technology is continuously being completed.

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