Austrian lottery

Smart LED display

What's the solution about?

The LED ticker is used for displaying and centrally managing texts in the outdoor area of lottery sales outlets. The texts on the LED display mainly communicate the current jackpot totals. Only a permanent power supply is required for operation. The texts to be displayed are controlled centrally and transmitted from the server to the device via mobile radio. This means that there is no additional work for the collection point.

The backend has content and user management. According to the dual control principle, there are users who create texts and users who are allowed to publish texts. The central control of the texts enables a quick reaction and an Austria-wide update directly after a draw.

The LED display has additional features such as an integrated brightness sensor for automatic adjustment of the luminosity to the ambient light. To enable operation even at low temperatures, an additional heating module was built into the LED display.

Product features

  • Effective jackpot application
  • Fast, uniform distribution of advertising messages
  • Mobile data transmission with a SIM card from T-Mobile
  • Central management of the news
  • No additional effort for collection points
  • Heating module for operation at low temperatures
  • Brightness sensor for automatic luminosity adjustment to the ambient light
  • Integrated content management

In cooperation with:

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These components are used

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