M2 module concept

The M2 module concept builds on the idea of the long availability of the capital goods sector. Technology cycles are much faster in the IoT sector than in the capital goods sector. While modems and transmission technologies are already obsolete in a few years from the point of view of mobile communications, the return on investment for industrial machines and capital goods only begins then. The M2 module concept solves this balancing act.

rapidM2M M22x 2G 4G EU

The modules are based on the robust and compact Mini PCI form factor. They have a functionally identical interface on both the hardware interfaces and the device API. A change of transmission technology, for example from 2G to 4G, is thus possible without further adaptation of the electronic module in the machine or device. No adjustments are necessary for the application software either.

  • Investment security
    A maximum of investment security is achieved through the commitment to compatibility.
  • Technology
    Continuous development in the field of communication is ensured by the modular concept. Further development and the associated technology scouting are among the values of Microtronics. This happens without the user of the modules having to do anything. IoT as a Service is taken a significant step further at Microtronics.
  • Risk minimisation
    By using M2 modules, the technical risk is minimised even for small series. For example, special power supply requirements are already solved on the module.
    Complex PCB designs with BGA technology on the customer’s electronics are avoided. Because components such as microcontrollers and memory are implemented directly on the module. This means that the customer’s electronics can often be realised in simpler technologies.

One ecosystem -
many applications

rapidM2M makes the realisation of IoT solutions easy. The total solution ensures that every part of the chain works together securely, efficiently and stably. rapidM2M does not stop where other solutions reach their limits. After the proof of concept and the pilot, the real fun begins.

rapidM2M is an enormously scalable solution. Without major changes to your code, you can easily roll out hundreds, thousands and more devices.

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