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All in ONE IoT Ecosphere

Microtronics for Engineers

  • Focus on your own application
  • Digital service as a function from development to product maintenance in the life cycle
  • Fair consumption model with benefit-based added value
  • Entry level that makes it easy to start and scale quickly
  • Tool controllable for any team size

ONE Chip, ONE Service

Cellular IoT for industrial grade solutions has never been easier. One revolutionary ecosphere for serious development results. Simple workflows and 100% online development result in significant resource reduction for lifecycle management.​

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ONE Chip rules it all

  • Seamless ultra low power design in hardware and firmware
  • Flexible pinout to get the most out of it
  • Sandboxed app environment on ARM M33
  • Fully managed over the air (OTA) for firmware and app in operation
  • Pre-commissioned security for efficient mass production
  • Global cellular connectivity via LTE-Cat M1 and LTE-Cat NB1
  • Cryptographic keys stored securely via ARM TrustZone for verifiably authentic devices and firmware
  • Pre-provisioned safety features “ex works” for reliable and efficient mass production
Code-Example EVOLVE

ONE Single Point of Service

  • “ALL in ONE” online development environment
  • Creation of the device-side application logic
  • Creation of the web user interface
  • Code, Test, Debug, Release, Update and Operate
  • Remote team development for different disciplines in projects
  • Project and permission management for full control over source code

Ready to code your application lifecycle

  • Virtualised application software in the units facilitates secure exchange even during operation.
  • The application software IoT app is efficiently managed in libraries.
  • Keep on running your IoT-apps in an industrial grade, long lasting and secure environment.
  • Deal with as many IoT-apps as you want using a single, homogenous platform.

Microtronics ONE Ecosphere enables IoT for everyONE

Compliant solutions:

  • Certifiable and pre-certified building blocks
  • Certifiable runtime environment
  • Interchangeable application code
  • One-click firmware and app updates over the air, across the whole product lifecycle

Control consumption and protect margins

  • Usage-oriented and fair data operation model
  • Design and control of co-existent, tariff-optimized fleets
  • Unified interface, unparalleled tooling efficiency


End to End ecosphere and easy start with examples allow full focus on application layer with no hassle in low level drivers and cellular connectivity.

The ecosphere with software development framework and runtime environment is industrial grade and has been robust in operation for more than 10 years. The dev studio IDE is in use at small and large enterprise teams.

The ecosystem comes with a prepared infrastructure container on MCU level and allows a risk-free development with cloneable sample applications.​

The application framework is built with reusable libraries and lifecycle management in mind. This unlocks ground-breaking resource efficiency during the design and lifecycle management of the product.

Yes, it’s a single point of service and perfect for remote teams. The IoT studio is 100% online, platform independent and multiple developers can work in one project to share progress and parallelize coding.​

The application code runs in an embedded virtual machine and does not affect the device runtime environment itself on corrupt code. You get buggy code lines reported in the logfile.

The project creator is the owner of the application. However, you can transfer the ownership if it fits your business model.

Feel free to use the chat or the contact form for your further questions.

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