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The rapidM2M M220 is already convincing in various branches and in different applications with its energy efficiency. Whenever it comes to ultra low power applications, the rapidM2M M230 is the perfect choice.

If you need a high-performance module with high processing power and a plenty of memory instead, you will quickly reach your limits with the rapidM2M M220.

That is why Microtronics has developed with the rapidM2M M230 a high-performance module that fulfills these requirements. With the rapidM2M family concept you rely on the familiar rapidM2M functionalities such as hardware and software abstraction, voltage conversion directly on the module, free choice of the uplink module, long-term script compatibility and the unchanged Mini PCI Express form factor.

The rapidM2M M230 opens up a whole range of new possibilities providing a display and a camera interface as well as CAN interfaces, BLE, WiFi an Ethernet. With 512 MB memory, 128 kb FRAM and 8 MB RAM the rapidM2M M230 is three times more energy efficient than the rapidM2M M220.

rapidM2M M230 front

Lots of memory and FRAM

With the 512 MB memory you can update underlying applications. You can temporarily store large firmware updates on the file system and thus implement a stable upload function even if the reception is poor.

Image files that change in certain intervals (for example once a day) can also be loaded into the machine with the rapidM2M M230. At a vending machine you can for example display a 1+1 for free coffee sale for a defined period of time.

In addition the rapidM2M M230 is equipped with a 128 kb FRAM memory. With this nonvolatile memory you safe important information even in case of an electrical power failure.

Increased security for underlying systems

Linux systems are integrated in many applications. These are interesting because of their free availability, adaptability and performance. In combination with the rapidM2M M230 the Linux system gets additional security with a kind of firewall. If you put the Linux system directly into your network, it is necessary to protect it against different attacks. Use the rapidM2M M230 as uplink and communication module and secure the underlying Linux system with the familiar high rapidM2M security standards. The rapidM2M M230 transmits only the payload data to the central server platform.

With this procedure you not only get additional security but also comfortable management functionalities. A Linux update on a lot of devices that are already in operation can be very laborious. In the worst case you even have to manually handle this by every single device on-site. The managed platform enables you to load these updates centrally on all devices. As mentioned before, the large memory for temporary storage of large update files is a great help.

This makes it easy to retrofit existing systems. If you have, for example, a LAN interface, the rapidM2M M230 with the rapidM2M PoC LAN is quickly integrated into your application.

rapidM2M M230 backside

Display & input in real time

For applications where you need a quick display the rapidM2M is suitable. For example, it is conceivable that you are displaying the current temperature in a machine or the rotational speed.

With a touch display, you can also make inputs in real time on site. This can be used to implement applications in which you can activate or deactivate a maintenance mode with one click on-site.

The display interface supports a resolution up to XGA (1024 x 768). The control of pixels and the representation of graphics are thus made possible. The rapidM2M M230 is not suitable for playing videos, as no video interpreter is integrated as standard.

Record at high speed

For applications with a high recording rate, rare transmission (about once a day) and additional transmissions only in defined alarm cases, the rapidM2M M239 is the ideal module. The high computing power enables high recording speed. The resulting amount of data can easily be cached on the large memory. In case of an alarm, the amount of data can be transferred and analyzes with a large amount of data can be realized.

CAN applications

In many machines and in the automotive sector you quickly reach your limits with one CAN interface. Often the machines already require one CAN interface for the direct communication with the machine and another for the interaction with the operator’s system. With two CAN interfaces as standard, the rapidM2M M230 is perfectly equipped for such requirements.

rapidM2M M230 ins PoC Video Shield


The camera interface saves development effort. A separate camera evaluation is not needed, because the rapidM2M M230 already brings along. This saves you time and cost during development.

Wherever you want to store images locally on the module and display them, the rapidM2M M230 is an excellent choice. With the integration of a camera and a display interface the recording and display works almost without delay.

However, you can also record images, save them locally and send them to the central server with the rapidM2M M230 without additional development effort. All simple camera applications can be integrated directly on the module.

rapidM2M M230 live at the embedded world

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