Site Timeline: The Tool for System Visualisation

The new sub-system "Site Timeline" is a tool for system visualisation. It serves to expand condition awareness and better progress documentation. The Timeline is in the same vein as the Health Dashboard: a user-friendly interface for viewing the events that have been reported via the Analytics API.

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Flexible handling

While the Health Dashboard only displays open events and presents a snapshot of the current system status, the Timeline is a tool to filter and view the history of all events that have occurred. Furthermore, the timeline offers the possibility to make entries yourself, to comment on existing entries and to add pictures or documents.

Manual timeline entries

Manual site timeline entries can be created directly on the site. To be found in the site list on the right as a sub-item “Site Timeline”.

Create Site Timeline entries manually

New site timeline entries are displayed as notifications in the message centre:

Notification for new timeline entry

Upcoming: Automated timeline entries

In the near future, we can expect a particularly practical feature, namely the automated creation of timeline entries. The success of Microtronics systems is based on the collection and visualisation of a large number of data points. In order not to lose the overview in this amount of data and to keep an eye on the relevant variables, the timeline offers the simple possibility of making relevant limit values visible parallel to the extended alarming system. At site level, it will soon be possible to create a threshold trigger for a data channel easily and without programming knowledge. When the threshold of this data channel is reached, an entry is automatically created in the timeline. Of course, the existing alarm module will also learn to create entries in the timeline.

site timeline

site timelIne trigger

Visible in evaluation graphics

For all enthusiastic users of our evaluation graphics: The new timeline is also integrated here. All timeline events can be made visible as a separate data dimension on the evaluation graphics. In addition, new entries can also be created on the timeline in the evaluation graphic.

Site Timeline evaluation graphic

From theory to practice


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