Simplified billing thanks to new billing module

The IoT platform offers a new feature: the new billing module is used to simplify the billing of current service rates to end customers. Minimum requirement? Only a current subscription!

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Thanks to the new billing module, services that are mapped as service rates can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements. The global account is based on a prepaid model with vouchers and is therefore easy to calculate. In order to enable an attractive rate structure for the customer, they are also billed with vouchers;

The advantages for the partner

  • Regular monthly income
  • Easy billing of the partner’s own services (e.g. support, additional services, …) to its respective end customers
  • Flexible customer rates for every device
  • Hardware as a Service models are very easy to implement

In the global account, all services and rates converge into one balance. The data and service rates of the customer accounts are also listed.

Special features

  • Rate templates with service description
  • Global account with current detailed bookings and balance
  • Customer account statistics for a quick overview
  • Balance payout request on the global account

For your own accounting, monthly account reports with invoice details are conveniently available in PDF format. Information such as rate underfunding or alerts about low account balances help to ensure a smooth and secure business process.

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BLE Radarsensor montiert im Kanal

Incredibly flexible: 5 ways to mount the BLE radar sensor

There is a lot going on in the rough environment of a sewer or rain overflow basin. During heavy rainfall events, for example, the water level swells and recedes within a very short time. In order to register the event at all, the measurement intervals must be very short. It is precisely in these situations that the BLE radar sensor shows its strengths.

myDataconC3+: Konfigurieren und Parametrieren in der Plattform

For a quick and easy start in the switch cabinet

Record sensor values, optimise energy consumption or monitor dosing pumps: The new software application for the myDatalogC3 switch cabinet controller, the myDataconC3+, makes configuration and parameterisation even easier from now on.

Protokollierung im RÜB

Logging in the rain overflow basin

Rain overflow basins or combined sewer overflow basins relieve the sewer system during heavy rainfall. If the basin capacity is not sufficient, the partially treated water flows into public waters. The new feature of the platform helps to log data on the water pollution that has occurred in such situations.