5 reasons why water consumption meters are indispensable for water managers

Water managers and water network operators need diagnostic and analysis tools in order to manage the water networks accordingly. For an efficient, sustainable water network, it must be ensured that no losses or leaks occur in the network. In addition, requirements must be analysed and the necessary pressure in the water network ensured accordingly.

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Water consumption meters or bulk water meters are a useful tool for analysing water networks. They record the impulses and data accordingly and make them available on a platform. Further analysis functions based on AI algorithms can be carried out there.

We present 5 specific use cases and the benefits for water managers and water network operators.

1. Efficient monitoring of drinking water in remote measuring zones

Water consumption meters enable precise monitoring of drinking water consumption in remote measuring zones. By continuously recording and analysing consumption data, water network operators can closely monitor the flow of water in remote areas and identify potential problems at an early stage.

Benefit for water managers and water network operators: By efficiently monitoring drinking water in remote monitoring zones, network operators can better understand the condition of their supply network and proactively respond to changes, resulting in improved operational efficiency and greater reliability.

2. Remote selection of water demand

Water consumption meters count pulses and thus enable remote reading of consumption data without the need for physical access to the calibrated meters. This remote readout function enables consumption data to be recorded and analysed more quickly.

Benefit for water managers and water network operators: Operating costs can be reduced by remotely reading water meters. At the same time, the efficiency of consumption recording of large water meters in water networks is improved. Dies ermöglicht eine effektivere Ressourcenallokation und eine schnellere Reaktion auf Veränderungen im Verbrauchsverhalten.

3. Detection of leaks

Water consumption meters can quickly detect and localise leaks in the supply network by identifying unusual consumption patterns. By detecting leaks at an early stage, water network operators can minimise water losses and avoid expensive repairs.

Benefit for water managers and water network operators: The detection of leaks by water consumption meters enables water boards to protect their infrastructure and reduce operating costs. By reducing water losses, water managers can also reduce their environmental impact and work more sustainably.

Leak escapes from the water

4. Drinking water zone measurements in combination with water meters

Water consumption meters enable water managers to carry out drinking water zone measurements by accurately monitoring water consumption in different areas of the supply network. By combining zone measurements with water meters, water managers can react specifically to changes in consumption behaviour and improve supply efficiency.

Advantage for water managers and water network operators: Carrying out drinking water zone measurements in combination with water meters enables water boards and water managers to optimise their supply strategies and avoid bottlenecks in the water supply. Targeted monitoring of consumption behaviour enables water boards to identify and rectify potential problems at an early stage.

5. Warnings in the event of alarms or limit value violations

Water consumption meters can trigger alarms or send warnings if certain limit values are exceeded or unusual consumption patterns occur. These warnings enable water boards to react quickly to problems and take measures to ensure security of supply.

Benefit for water managers and water network operators: By detecting alarms or limit value exceedances in good time, water boards and water managers can prevent potential disruptions in the supply network and improve the security of supply. This helps to minimise downtimes and strengthen customer confidence in the reliability of the supply system.

Would you like to record pulses, monitor and optimise water networks and detect leaks at an early stage?

Das Display des Jellox Datenlogger ist extrem hilfreich für die Inbetriebenahme und für laufende Statusinformationen

Did you know: Why is the display on the Jellox so helpful?

Data loggers such as Jellox record data and transmit it to platforms on the Internet. We access this data via laptop or smartphone. However, without a display on the data logger, it cannot provide any direct information about its current status. Depending on the area of application of the data logger, this can be more than unpleasant.


Interface to your process control or SCADA system

The open interfaces of the Microtronics IoT Platform via RESTful API and OPC-UA enable easy integration of the data into the desired target systems such as process control or SCADA systems. Some suppliers have already integrated the data loggers directly.

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