Did you know: What is the LIVE mode?

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What is the LIVE mode?

In the LIVE mode measurement data is transmitted in the measurement interval. This leads to an increased data transfer. These additional generated data are not stored permanently whether on the device nor on the server. These data is only used to update the display elements. Thus, there is always the most current data available. The data continues to be stored in the recoding interval on the device and sent to the server in the transmission interval. For historical reports (graphs, tables) only permanently stored data (no LIVE data) is used.

What is the LIVE mode used for?

The LIVE mode is especially relevant at the installation and commissioning of new applications. Thus effects of changes in various configurations are immediately visible and you do not need to wait until the next transmission interval. In addition, the LIVE mode can be used when the measurement data are to be considered as it were “LIVE”.

How is the LIVE mode activated?

Prerequisite: The measurement site / application must be in the online mode and the device must be currently connected to the server.
In addition one of the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Web interface: At least one channel of the measuring site / application is in the report “last measurement values” visible. This may be the case in a customer list (list of reports) or directly in an evaluation. If the page with such a display is left again, the condition is no longer fulfilled.
  • API: The API has its own command (on the API Playground under “Manage a site” -> “STARt the live mode for a site”) to activate the LIVE mode for a specified measurement site / application. Activation of the LIVE mode via the API applies for 10 minutes, unless it is extended or earlier terminated. For more details, refer to the documentation of the API resource.

How are LIVE data presented?

  • Web interface: LIVE data is displayed on the report “Last measurement values”. The shown data are automatically updated.
  • API: The API command for reading the most recent measurement data (“youngest”) provides the LIVE data. See in the API Playground “Site’s time series data” -> “QUERY the youngest raw values”

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