Internet of Things: First aid box for projects that got stuck

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The benefits and business opportunities offered by connected products are tempting a lot of companies. One thing is clear: Companies that aren’t using Internet of Things technology in time will have troubles keeping up with their competitors in the future. But in-house developments can become resource-killers quite quickly: How to programme an app? How to bill SIM cards? And where to get revenue streams from? Suddenly the financial resources are gone, the team is burned out and promising projects get stuck. The Austrian technology supplier Microtronics supports companies in getting these projects up and running again.

Patch or tourniquet

Microtronics has been supporting international manufacturers and system integrators in realising successful projects for the Internet of Things since 2006. The complete system rapidM2M works like a building kit. Companies can choose single components (e.g. hardware, dashboard programming, server licenses) or give the whole project into the hands of the Microtronics experts. This system also facilitates the realisation of special requirements for niche markets. No matter in which project phase a product may be, Microtronics offers comprehensive know how, hardware and software tools. After discussing a project’s requirements a Proof of Concept is created within three weeks. Tests in such an early phase help to identify challenges more quickly and to increase the speed-to-market.

Efficiency, security, stability

rapidM2M was specially developed for the efficient, secure and stable operation of Internet of Things solutions. The efficient transmission protocol transmits only relevant data which helps to keep operating costs low. The rapidM2M hardware (e.g. modules) is energy-efficient (ultra low power). Tools for SIM management and billing as well as global data transmission at internationally standardised service rates are additionally contributing to keeping costs calculable.

In cooperation with TÜV and according to the recommendations of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security), Microtronics uses a multi-layered security concept that protects information in every processing stage. It comprises AES encryption (Diffie-Hellman key exchange), device authentication (Elliptic Curve DSA) and hardware authentication via crypto chip. The rapidM2M system architecture makes Internet of Things applications specially stable. It separates the processes of data recording, data storage and data transmission. This ensures that data won‘t go lost in case of transmission errors.

Partnerships for more success

Everybody who ever dealt with an Internet of Things project knows: (Almost) nothing works if you are all alone. Expert know how from different fields (e.g. system integration or programming) as well as a stable infrastructure are required to make projects successful in the long run. Microtronics as expert for wireless data transmission is therefore constantly looking for new partners that are contributing vitally to the successful implementation as well as the international operation of Internet of Things applications. System integrators, telecommunication providers as well as manufacturers are cordially invited to meet Microtronics at the embedded world in February 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Meet Microtronics at the embedded world 2015

Microtronics will present the complete system rapidM2M at the embedded world – the world’s leading trade fair for embedded technology – from 26th February – 28th February 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany. Microtronics is looking forward to meeting different experts and taking a look into the future of the Internet of Things.

Microtronics at the embedded world 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany

  • When: 26th February – 28th February 2015
  • Where: Nürnberg-Messe, Germany
    Hall 5/Stand 5-246c

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