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Microtronics Founder & CEO Hans-Peter Buber took time to answer questions around company culture, success, future plans and the development of the IoT industry.

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Microtronics is known to be an expert in the IoT sector. Who are your customers and where is the technology used?

Anyone who wants to use IoT components for their applications. We are completely independent of any industry – from canals to hospitals, Microtronics technology is already in use.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular benefit from Microtronics, because the IoT components drastically defuse the complexity of IoT and enable low-threshold access. Our partners focus on their application and generate added value. As Microtronics, we provide all the necessary components (hardware, software, IoT security and service) and thus ensure smooth operation: IoT as a Service.

In this way, small companies in particular can successfully implement IoT projects with defined, low risk and earn money with IoT. From a small application to hundreds and thousands of devices or applications, the system grows with the needs.

What sets Microtronics apart from the competition? What are the company’s most important growth areas? And where are the biggest opportunities compared to the competitors?

Microtronics has established itself as an expert and takes IoT to the next level for its partners. Far away from innovation bubbles, we help our partners to realise real IoT solutions with added value, so that they end up making money with IoT.

We have been living IoT for over 15 years. Even when no one knew what IoT even was, we were already transmitting data and making our customers’ lives much easier.

Internet of Things solutions always consist of many small parts. A lot of time can pass before these all mesh together. Time that we have already invested so that our partners now have a comprehensive construction kit at their disposal.

We think holistically and sustainably. We want to make life as easy as possible for our partners. Our partner is an expert in his application and has domain know-how there. We take care of the IoT part.

Over the past 15 years, we have solved many challenges for our partners. These experiences have resulted in a generic platform from which all partners now benefit.

What were the biggest successes your company had last year?

In the last 15 years, we have shown time and again what masterful achievements are possible with a terrific team. We have reinvented ourselves again and again, although the core has remained constant. We have shown adaptability and tenacity.

Over 300 projects in 80 countries bear witness to this. Now it’s time to focus and grow in height.

How would you describe the corporate culture?

Openness, honesty and passion for technology. At Microtronics, we’re all a bit in love with technology already. We firmly believe that technology and IoT can improve all our lives. With our IoT solutions, we can make the world a little more sustainable and liveable for each individual. Be it the emissions saved because you no longer have to drive to the measuring point every day to read and record the values, or the people who can now do more exciting tasks. That’s what drives us at Microtronics.

At Microtronics, we cultivate an open, appreciative way of dealing with each other. Real people with countless strengths and emotions work here. It is important for us to have understanding for each other. The diversity and the different experiences of our employees make our products a little better every day and solve more and more challenges for our partners.


What does the team look like at the moment? How has Microtronics grown, what should happen in the next few months?

We currently have 57 employees (12 women and 45 men). We have an average length of service of 7 years with a growing team. I think that speaks for itself.

We are in the middle of a major transformation. Microtronics has grown steadily in the past. Now we have to adapt structures and processes. But our entire orientation must also be future-proof. Accordingly, we now need to narrow down our target group and get to know it very well. This is the only way we can further develop an IoT as a Service offering for our partners on which they too can build their future.

Where do you see Microtronics in five years?

Strengthened from the current transformation, in five years we will offer our partners a large toolbox of qualitative IoT components. In doing so, we will expand the portfolio and solve further pain points for our partners. I am thinking, for example, of billing solutions for invoicing end customers or simple configurators for individualising components. With a few clicks and little technical knowledge, our partners should be able to earn money with IoT.

As we focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, it is particularly important to provide partners with comprehensive tools and answers to challenges in scaling and growth.

We will expand our partner network in the coming years. An international partner network beyond the European area will be created from which all participants will benefit.

How do you see the development of the electronics & technology sector with regard to the pressure from China? What can Austrian SMEs do to counter this?

I think everyone has to ask himself or herself what the world should look like in which he or she wants to live tomorrow. How high we set not only our quality standards for the delivered goods, but also for humanity and sustainability. Working conditions, transport routes and delivery times are just a few aspects.

“Made in Austria” and also “Made in Europe” are quality awards that also give a good feeling. When you think about nebulous cloud systems and the power of data, it’s doubly important to know what’s happening with the data and that it’s being handled carefully.

In Europe, we are pioneers in data protection. This is sometimes annoying in the daily doing, but in the long run it is the right way for society. Because the focus is on the person as an individual, and that is a good thing.

That’s why I think we as Austrian SMEs can withstand this pressure in the long term.

Hans-Peter Buber is the founder and CEO of Microtronics Engineering GmbH. With his extensive technical know-how, he is responsible for the development. He is a visionary future thinker and ensures the continuous development of Microtronics to continue to stand for reliable information transport to the cloud and powerful IoT tools. In doing so, he never loses sight of profitability, customer requirements, the market and his own employees.

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