Energy management for smart community

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Under the project title “Smartes Yspertal” an energy management concept for municipal administration buildings was created in the 1,900 inhabitant community in Lower Austria. Savings potential and inefficiencies in public buildings are thus to be shown.

Microtronics has equipped the buildings with data loggers of the type myDatalogNANOamr. The myDatalogNANOamr enables wireless meter reading from energy and water meters. The data are provided on the EN ISO 50001:2011 certified energy management platform myDatanet from Microtroncis. Extensive evaluation and visualization options are available at the Energy Server and are created with a few clicks. In addition, you have the possibility to send alarms when the threshold is below or above a defined value by SMS, call or e-mail.

Reports and visualization

Using the water meter in the gym and electricity meter in the school building, the visualizations are explicated.

The continuous water meter in the gym shows a significantly higher consumption on the 6th and 7th January. This deviation can be explained by the annual indoor soccer tournament.

Endloswasserzähler Turnhalle

The electricity meter in the school building shows the usual picture in the weekly report. No power is needed at night or at weekends. If, for example, an unusually high current consumption is used here at weekends, the caretaker can be automatically alerted and he can check if everything is in order.


Energy management of the Microtronics building

The Microtronics building itself is also monitored by its own Energy Server. For example, the temperature in the server room and the cold store is monitored. If the thresholds are exceeded an alarm is triggered and an alarm schedule is executed.

Click through the visualization of the Microtronics building!

Microtronics Energymanagment

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