Level measurements for RÜBs with external data logger

What's the solution about?

A new IoT solution for level measurement in the sewer and stormwater overflow basin. Where no electricity is available, this level measurement system with radar probe and data logger including integrated online connection can be used.

This complete system including all mounting material comes to you pre-configured and only needs to be installed on site.

  • ATEX certification zone 1 and zone 2
  • Radar measurement level 0-15m (Fa. VEGA)
  • Accuracy +- 1mm
  • Battery life > 2 years
  • Including guidance system with map view
  • Can also be integrated into your own control system via interface
  • Data logger with online access included
  • Screw-on suspension included
  • Everything preconfigured
  • Simplest installation without adjustment and calibration

These components are used

Wastewater industry



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