Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance enables more efficient operation of equipment and facilities through the continuous collection of sensor data and automated determination of condition. Forecasts are derived from real-time data, which subsequently lead to needs-based, predictive maintenance and thus to a reduction in downtimes.

Application fields

Reduction of downtime

Planning the repair work

Damage reduction

Long-term efficiency increase

Early detection of malfunctions

Integration of artificial intelligence

Machine values as time series

Local detection logics for events

Analysis logics changeable over-the-air

System-wide real-time recognition of the machine fleet

Planning of maintenance operations and personnel

Facilitation in spare parts handling

What is predictive maintenance about?

Predictive maintenance helps to assess the condition of in-service equipment and predict when maintenance is needed. Due to the increased availability of the machines and the fact that a device is only serviced when it is really necessary, there is often a high savings potential. For this purpose, sensor data is continuously collected and interpreted by machine (machine learning).

The permanent monitoring of availability gives a good overview of the need for deployment resources and additionally provides a transparent picture of the status of the systems. In this way, alarm chains can be triggered when events occur, maintenance assignments with spare parts suggestions can be made or the availability status of fleets can be determined in real time. The foresighted planning and forecasting of downtimes leads to a reduction of expensive, event-related downtimes.


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