Infrastructure Management

Using infrastructure management, assets such as IT infrastructure or production equipment can be monitored and controlled regardless of location. The insert is also suitable for hazardous or hard-to-reach environments. In order to keep costs as low as possible, retrofit solutions are often used.

Application fields

Sensor networks in extensive supply or disposal facilities

Overall view of resource allocation and logistics processes

Evidence of legal requirements

Use in critical infrastructure

Monitoring throughout the life cycle

Device management of a wide range of systems

Retrofit solutions

Availability status of the overall system

Detailed information in case of malfunctions

Easy on-site installation

Long running times and maintenance cycles

Structured data processing

Optimisation of the alarm management

What is infrastructure management about?

Infrastructure management takes care of the control and monitoring of facilities, for example IT infrastructure or building equipment such as ventilation and heating. The facilities to be monitored can be located in extensive industrial areas, municipalities and public utilities, sometimes in entire regions or supra-regionally in various branches. To enable monitoring, you need a sufficient number and density of sensors.

The installation situation often calls for retrofit solutions in order to keep extensive structural changes and thus costs within reasonable limits. Furthermore, the continuous evaluation of the condition should be made as efficient as possible. In order to guarantee high availability and at the same time efficient operation of the systems, there needs to be good interaction between people and technology.

Partly strict regulations for infrastructure facilities at risk of explosion make the selection of suitable equipment and the safe deployment of personnel more difficult. Large-scale installations such as high-voltage lines or hard-to-reach sewer networks in large cities, require a high level of availability and a high quality of service.


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