Condition Monitoring

Efficient monitoring, diagnosis and rectification of machine faults improves machine efficiency, increases availability and reduces costs in plant operation. In the case of fleets that are difficult to access or distributed internationally, the machine data is continuously recorded, centrally transmitted and automatically processed.

Application fields

Condition monitoring - Operating hours logs

Operating hours logs

Condition monitoring - monitoring of downtimes

Monitoring of downtimes

Condition monitoring - avoidance of runtime overruns

Avoidance of runtime overruns

Condition monitoring - compliance and management of maintenance intervals

Compliance and management of maintenance intervals

Condition monitoring - Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Coupling of different machine generations

No violation of IT policies

Setting maintenance intervals


Alarm in case of runtime overrun

Archived condition & maintenance logs

What is condition monitoring about?

Condition monitoring offers system integrators, operators and manufacturers an efficient way to monitor machine parameters of, among others, machine tools, printing, rubbish and press rollers, compressors and hydraulic units. A wide variety of machine generations can be monitored with a consistent concept.

The data logger records the data at regular intervals and transmits it wirelessly and automatically to the web platform. Via the weblogin, the collected data can be displayed visually, an automated report can be issued and made available for further analysis. A connection to existing business processes is realised by means of interfaces.


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