Building Surveillance

With rising energy costs, interest in effective and sustainable energy consumption is also increasing. This is precisely what building surveillance deals with. Possible measured variables are energy consumption, temperature or humidity.

Application fields

Building monitoring - verification of the energy performance of buildings

Verification of the energy performance of buildings

Building monitoring - determination of CO2 consumption

Determination of CO2 consumption for ecological footprint

Building monitoring - monitoring and documentation of indoor and outdoor temperature

Monitoring & documentation of indoor and outdoor temperature

Building monitoring - monitoring and documentation of air humidity

Humidity monitoring & documentation

Building monitoring - display of data on a central web interface

Display of the data on a central web interface

Building monitoring - Energy supply monitoring

Monitoring of the power supply

Regular information about energy consumption

Monitoring & documentation of climatic data

Proof of the ecological footprint

Prevention of damage to buildings and goods

Alarm functions

Secure data transmission

What is building monitoring about?

Building monitoring is used in public buildings, offices or warehouses to ensure effective energy consumption within a building and to determine the ecological footprint. For this purpose, parameters such as energy and CO2 consumption, temperature as well as humidity are permanently measured. This makes it possible to deduce how heating costs can be saved or whether moisture-sensitive goods are stored safely. Furthermore, the analysis of the measurement data offers the possibility to prevent damage. In this way, the responsible building technician can be alerted immediately if temperature values are exceeded or fallen below, or if there is an imminent drop in energy or air conditioning failure.

With Microtronics’ technology, the collected data is transmitted via the local network or mobile radio to a central energy monitoring portal. There, the real-time data can be viewed anytime and anywhere. The energy monitoring application is ISO 50001 certified.

Are you interested?

Microtronics offers hardware, connectivity and the IoT platform including developer tools. Create applications for your customers. We take care of the tech stack and the infrastructure. We are looking forward to your request!

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