Automation & Control

The area of automation and control deals with the mapping of complex, distributed systems and offer high availability and safety as an overall system. Among other things, equipment can be monitored, energy consumption regulated or dosing pumps controlled. The configuration can be easily changed and flexibly expanded according to customer requirements.

Application fields

Automation & Control - Comprehensive demand-oriented control of distributed systems

Continuous monitoring of sensor and control output parameters

Automation & Control - Distributed Control of Monitoring Processes

Distributed control and monitoring of processes

Automation & control - compliance with legal requirements of regulated industries

Compliance with legal requirements in regulated industries

Automation & Control - High security requirements for the communication infrastructure

High security requirements of the communication infrastructure

Automation & Control - Deployment in Critical Infrastructures

Use in critical infrastructure

Simple commissioning of complex automation logics

Remote controls

Extension/change of programmes over-the-air

Continuous monitoring of sensor and control output parameters

Permanent analysis of the machine or plant condition

What is automation & control about?

The control and regulation of simple pumps or motors up to decentralised systems that are interconnected over a greater distance is a challenging task. Remote access and updateability not only create the basis for monitoring and alarming applications, but also for the use of remote actuators.

In order to be able to map remote control loops, a secure and integrated architecture is required. This is created by the local programme logic, which maps control logic independently of the remote connection. In addition, the clear central management of the control units and their programmes and configurations ensures safety. It enables the availability of the entire system to be checked in real time.

By standardising similar automation applications, the process can be simplified and made reproducible. Simplicity comes from the simple method of automatically picking ready-made program logics as templates. This enables field installations with low effort, few settings and configurations on site. This considerably reduces the demands on the staff.

Are you interested?

Microtronics offers hardware, connectivity and the IoT platform including developer tools. Create applications for your customers. We take care of the tech stack and the infrastructure. We are looking forward to your request!

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