Alarm Annunciator

In the event of malfunctions of machines and systems, the safe recording and transmission of alarms is required. This is the only way to guarantee a quick response by the responsible response team. The fault message can be output by e-mail, SMS or voice call.

Application fields

Fault reporting of systems and machines

Alerting of maintenance personnel

Easy creation of alarm chains and alarm call plans

Simple setting of threshold values and message texts

Voice output of messages in German and English

Measuring and control tasks

Failure alarm via e-mail, SMS, voice call

Few seconds alarm response time

Group or chain notification

Extensive alarm call plans

2-stage alarm (warning and alarm threshold)

Logged alarm archive

What is the alarm annunciator about?

The application alarm annunciators offers for both providers and system integrators a complete solution for the efficient acquisition and transfer of alarms for pumping stations, industrial and utility plants and complex machines requiring maintenance.

The field device collects data from sensors and signal transmitters. Local programme sequences enable complex computing and control tasks. Machine interfaces enable communication with neighbouring machines or control units. Wireless data transmission is a fixed component of the solution. Alarm call schedules and alarm chains ensure that users are alerted quickly and securely via email, SMS or voice call. They are easily created via the IoT platform.

Are you interested?

Microtronics offers hardware, connectivity and the IoT platform including developer tools. Create applications for your customers. We take care of the tech stack and the infrastructure. We are looking forward to your request!

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