Field of application of the
Microtronics technology

From the sewer to the hospital, Microtronics’ technology is already successfully in use in over 300 projects. From harsh ATEX environments to control cabinets and building monitoring, the applications are almost limitless. Browse through the use cases and see references from our solution providers and end customers!

Condition Monitoring

Efficient monitoring, diagnosis and rectification of machine faults improves machine efficiency, increases availability and reduces costs in plant operation. In the case of fleets that are difficult to access or distributed internationally, the machine data is continuously recorded, centrally transmitted and automatically processed.

Automation & Control

The area of automation and control deals with the mapping of complex, distributed systems and offer high availability and safety as an overall system. Among other things, equipment can be monitored, energy consumption regulated or dosing pumps controlled. The configuration can be easily changed and flexibly expanded according to customer requirements.

Alarm Annunciator

In the event of malfunctions of machines and systems, the safe recording and transmission of alarms is required. This is the only way to guarantee a quick response by the responsible response team. The fault message can be output by e-mail, SMS or voice call.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance enables more efficient operation of equipment and facilities through the continuous collection of sensor data and automated determination of condition. Forecasts are derived from real-time data, which subsequently lead to needs-based, predictive maintenance and thus to a reduction in downtimes.

Building Surveillance

With rising energy costs, interest in effective and sustainable energy consumption is also increasing. This is precisely what building surveillance deals with. Possible measured variables are energy consumption, temperature or humidity.

Infrastructure Management

Using infrastructure management, assets such as IT infrastructure or production equipment can be monitored and controlled regardless of location. The insert is also suitable for hazardous or hard-to-reach environments. In order to keep costs as low as possible, retrofit solutions are often used.

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