Stadtgemeinde Trendelburg

Level measurement of stormwater overflow basins

The myDatalogGauge makes it possible to monitor overflow basins and transmit important measurement data in real time. If a threshold value is exceeded, an alarm is sent immediately via e-mail or SMS.

Level measurement, monitoring & alarming

The starting position

The German municipality of Trendelburg has received an official requirement to implement monitoring of the underground stormwater basin. The prerequisite was to find a data logger that would document the frequency of waterlogging, the frequency of water hammering and the heights of waterlogging. Another challenge was that there was no internet connection and no power supply.

The solution

Microtronics offers the myDatalogGauge, an Ex-certified device that can be used underground and withstands the harsh environment thanks to its robust IP69 housing.

There is a sensor in the pool that transmits the data to the myDatalogGauge via Bluetooth. As there is no internet connection available, the data is transmitted to the cloud via a GSM connection and thus made available to the relevant authorities in a collected form.

Depending on the measurement interval, the device can operate self-sufficiently with a battery for several years. With a measurement interval of 10 seconds, the battery life is up to 5 years. The data is transmitted once every 24 hours. However, measurements are taken every 10 seconds. Only when it is necessary to act and the level in the stormwater overflow basin changes, is an immediate message sent to those responsible.

The display can also be triggered on site for self-monitoring. On the one hand, the current measurement status is visible and on the other hand, the connection to the sensor can be checked.

"Access to the myDatalogGauge in the duct is possible from above and thus without danger. Neither a special entry protection nor a gas detector is necessary. Microtronics offers the advantage that the measurement technology works self-sufficiently with a battery for several years, depending on the measurement intervals."

Ralph Niewiara

Waste water master of the town Trendelburg

Product features

  • Verwendung von myDatalogGauge zur Erfassung und Übertragung von Pegelständen an die IoT-Plattform
  • Automated sending of warning or alerts via SMS and e-mail
  • Very user-friendly, installation is also possible without a technician
  • Extremely energy-saving and thus low-maintenance operation
  • Certified for use in ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas

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